What to do if you are upset?

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  1. Hang out with friends.

It deserves to be number one. But introverts like me, they do not like to chat, again when the mood is bad ?!

Start chatting with friends despite reluctance. Rotate the friend as you wish. Whether it's a feminine topic or whatever, the topic that your friend is most annoyed with, the topic that is annoying. Your friend will do the rest of your mind.

  1. Watching cartoons.

It's hard for me to start watching cartoons. Once you start somehow, there is no way the mind is not good.

  1. Watching favorite TV series / movies.
    When you are upset, it is best to get rid of all the thoughts that are upset in your head as soon as possible. Engage yourself in something else.

And to make a quick change in thinking, after the book, there may be some shortcuts to your favorite TV series.

  1. Going out for a walk on the street.

I don't know if everyone will like it. But I don't get much motivation from walking the streets of Dhaka city. In the crowd, walking among so many people, some beautiful thoughts come to mind. What I want to do in life, where I want to see myself, everything seems to be floating in front.

In fact, it works for me because when I walk on the street, my mind gets busy. Then there is no chance to think a second time about what the mind was bad about.

If there is a park, field, garden in the garden without walking in the crowd, those who live in the village can walk on the village road.

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