Why is the sea foam white?

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The water is basically clear, it has no color. But then why are the waves turning white? Many blame salt for misconceptions. But salt is not responsible at all. Responsible sunlight. Hey, how about this again! Yes, that's right. Sunlight is basically white. The sun emits light of all visible wavelengths, which are uniformly white. And foam is made from the waves. This foam is actually a lot of bubbles. Outside the water bubbles is a thin layer of water, inside which is completely air. But every drop of water is all water. Rays of light pass through both water droplets and bubbles. But in the case of water bubbles, the amount of light absorbed is much less than that of water droplets. Because a bubble of equal size has less water than a drop of water. As a result, too much sunlight cannot be absorbed, and the indoor air does not absorb light at all, so most of the sun's rays pass through bubbles. Water droplets (and combined water) on the other hand contain water, which absorbs relatively more light. Due to this phenomenon, the water of the crashing waves looks brighter than the water of other parts of the ocean, so we can see the waves are white.

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