Point Pity - Western Side

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As said before in my previous post about the Ponta da Piedade also known as Point Pity, there is a eastern and a western side of this little headland.

In my previous post I´ve shown the eastern side and it´s endless views and walking paths. A few days ago we´ve been to the other side. Well, actually the most famous point on this headland is still eastern and I feel a bit ashamed I haven´t seen this before. It is a huge grotto which stairs lead down to. The view from upstairs during sunset is absolutely amazing and feels a bit unreal.


A popular attraction at sunset is to rent a small boat with a captain down here and drive to the individual small beaches and enjoy the sunset from the water. But there is a big BUT, because the prices for such a sunset cruise is 20 Euro per person. Yes, per person, even if you go as a couple in one boat you pay per person. I don´t like traps like this so we waived it.

It´s like a taxi rank down here and the drivers lining up for the next customers. I guess that even with those high prices they have a lot of customers.




I made better use of the time by climbing another small hill next to the stairs and enjoying the view from up there. And even up here I managed to find a small Graffiti.





All these small caves, grottos, the crystal clear water and the huge sandstone rocks are absolutely picturesque. One day we will definitely explore all of this by Kayak.

This is more or less directly behind the beautiful Lighthouse of Lagos and from here on westward you will have several kilometers of walking paths along the cliffs with breathtaking views over the Atlantic and the Algarve Coast.





Because of the heat and hardly any rain here in summer, everything is a bit dusty and dry. There is no lush green how we know it from Australia or Indonesia. But this will hopefully change in winter.




Every spot up here is beautiful and when you think that´s it, it doesn´t get any better, there is another beach down a cliff that is insanely beautiful. One of these beaches is Praia do Barranco do Martinho.

Have you seen anything like that before? Only accessible via boat or down a narrow steep paths not made for everyone.


All in all this is an awesome spot up here and should not be missed while visiting Lagos. But I guess there is now way around it as it is somewhat the main attraction in Lagos.

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