Listening To Music While Walking With Nature ๐ŸŽง

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Sometimes, I think that life works in a very similar way to Nature. Today I walked a different path through woodland and ended up at a dead end. The undergrowth was just to thick to scramble through, so I had to backtrack a little, and go a different way. Real life can have many twists and turns before we all find the right path to travel along.

Eventually I came back to the lake just in time to spot this beautiful solitary Swan on the lake and take a quick snap of him/her. Swans are such magical creatures, and much appreciated the stale half-loaf of bread that I gave to them all. Many more appeared from somewhere, after I got the bread out LOL ~ That often happens!

As always, please enjoy the awesome Reggae Riddim.... ๐ŸŽถ

IMG_1407 copy.JPG

The above original photo was taken by me and "colour filter" adjusted in Photoshop software.
[ Strictly Copyright ยฉ2022 ยฉandy4475 ]

  • Now for some relaxing songs played in a "Bossa Nova" style, all mixed by various Music Artists and just perfect for listening to while walking with Nature (in my opinion).

Uploaded to ยฉYouTube by ยฉMusic Brokers (with 979K subscribers).

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