Plant Medicine for Humans: Bone Vitamins and Creatine

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When growing Plants there is a Cycle, all the way from Germination, Seedlings, Veg to Flower and even the Forrest Fire are all parts of a Natural Cycle we can review to better our own bodies.

If we look at things like the Fox Farm Feeding Charts we can start to see that much of what plants need are Natural Elements, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, etc. Epsom Salt is a good Fertilizer, but it is one of many. If we then Translate that to our own bodies we see we need much of these same things, particularly in our bones. We can see Bone growth as something like a Seedling/Veg stage, with Branches and Roots growing. The stronger and larger these are, the larger your harvest will be, for example a 40ft Apple Tree will generally grow more Fruit than a 20ft Tree, dependant on the Root System, etc. Sometimes when growing Plants indoors they will be left to Veg for longer than the general Spring/Summer season length so that the Plant is taller, this can also start outdoors in a Greenhouse in Winter. This isn't to say you will get taller.

We are using Bone Up, and Chelated Multi-minerals, Bone Up could be taken all alone with nothing else for good health, with 6 taken each day, but we are using it as one of many Supplements. It also contains MK-7 which is not something we all get in our normal diets. We are also using Chelated Minerals because that is what best absorbs in both the Plant and Human body.

Creatine is related to Protein, it is measured in Steak to ensure high quality meat, so we can assume that Creatine being added to your body will improve the quality of Muscles, which are Meat. With "Three-atine", we are getting 3 kinds of Creatine so they can go to different places in the Cycle, being part of different chemical processes to break down but all still Creatine, this also likely makes it more Bioavailable as the addition may be cleaved off by Stomach acids allowing the Creatine to be absorbed. You make your Bones stronger to carry more Meat.

We will be adding to this with an Arganine, Acetyl Creatine, Carnitine and Protein.

(Originally posted by my Wife on HIVE before the new HIVE War)

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