Plant Medicine for Humans: Adding Quartz to Human Cells

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My Husband and I are starting a Health Regimen based on a Unified Theory of Nutrition based on how Plants are grown Indoors, primarily Marijuana, which itself borrows much from the Tomato Industry. The Unified Theory though is based on his own research on Epigenetics. Or Gene Expression.

We will be posting his Log which details what he is taking, but we will also be including information that is not entirely available elsewhere as this is his Unified Theory and doesn't exist elsewhere. We made an Open Source Claim on combining Plant Extracts to Beeswax and Saponifying it, and will be sharing that here also.

Silicates (Quartz Crystals) and Collagen

Those Articles get into how Silicates and Collagen Interact, so now the Goal is absorption. We have several other techniques, but the primary Absorption technique comes straight from Plant Science, which with Marijuana includes the use of Silicates to strengthen Cell Walls, this is done in Banana Plantations to strengthen Banana Trees, with both Bananas and Marijuana the Silicates in the Cell Wall provide the Plant the ability to grow a larger Harvest.

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In Plant Sciences it has been discovered that Orthosilicic Acid is the most Bioavailable form of Quartz, which most readily becomes part of the Cell Walls.

To take this a Step Further,
Horsetail Extract and Silicates

Horsetail is a Plant which is particularly efficient at using Silicates, meaning it contains Enzymes/Catalysts, and Silicates which are in the Cell Walls of the plant ready to be eaten up by Cells like Agar in a Petri Dish.

So now, with all this,
There is Collagen, Orthosilicic Acid providing Bioavailable Quartz, and Horsetail doing the same while adding something your body may not have to feed it to the Cells.

We will be writing various articles like this and posting Logs.

(Originally posted by my Wife on HIVE before the new HIVE War)

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