Plans for the HIVE/BLURT Beauty Economy

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We will soon be launching a Token (VKBT is live on HIVE-Engine now) which will be used to Reward Beauty and create an Economy. We will begin with a HIVE-Engine Bot distributing the Token to people using various hashtags, including our own. And we will appoint Ambassadors to have larger amounts of Tokens to start with so it's not just us awarding Votes; we will reach out to various existing Hashtags to give their Curators a stake, as well as other people on HIVE or people we know who join.

We will be accepting Crypto for Soap, so we will announce that here, on Bitcointalk and other platforms including Facebook Ads, etc. So we will begin creating a Community based on Saponification and Photography, including myself Modeling clothes, jewelry and shoes. Soon after we will buy an amount of Silver, and start selling Silver for our Token. Below is an article written by my Husband years ago about Precious Metals and Crypto, and he earned $600.00 for this post which itself is a rarely met event on HIVE as of yet.

We will then begin to appoint Brand Ambassadors, not necessarily Curators but those who want to earn, and we will Incubate HIVE so as to grow our Currency. As we grow you will begin to see HIVE reach $1.00, $2.00, maybe $5.00 and higher as it becomes a more acceptable (and interesting) platform, we choose HIVE because of Utility provided by @Aggroed and others.

From there,
We will have begun launching several other Tokens and will begin creating ERC20 Tokens within the community here and on Bitcointalk, along with Mining Pools, and a Witness; and then our own Blockchains. During and before this time we intend to start making Markets, by giving out Grants to Beauty Suppliers, and to Resource Gatherers or Farmers. This will include Bounties people can collect for things there would otherwise be no open Market for, and we can start Trading Herbs, Essential Oils, etc, in exchange for a Currency of Value, in places where there are few opportunities for this kind of Income other than Collecting Materials and shipping them out.



(Originally posted by my Wife on HIVE before the new HIVE War)

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