Kali Van Kush Soaps: the Foundation of the Beauty Economy

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We have over 2,000 Bars of Soap and are making more, now some with CBD also.

These turned Purple after the CBD was added, like a Field test kit, lol

These are just a recent batch Curing

Here are a number of our Soaps but we have several more



You will be able to trade HIVE to buy these, as well as a Token we will have on HIVE-Engine soon, so the Tokens will go on the Market with a value from Day 1, even if it is 1,000,000 Tokens for 1 Bar of Soap, there will be a value from Day 1, and that will change as the Market value of the Currency changes.

We will also be creating posts on HIVE in which we will get into detail about the ingredients of the Soaps and Rituals, Spells to be used with them so that Customers can find information about their Purchase online by searching for the Ingredients and our Company, this will include several other functions.

(Originally posted by my Wife on HIVE before the new HIVE War)

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