B Vitamins and How-to Dose Vitamins & Mineral

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B Vitamins are not something that you look at particularly when Feeding a Plant, but they are basic Amino Acids and Simple compounds in the Human Body which effect the basic functions of the Human Body, for example Niacin is a B Vitamin but is known for causing your blood vessels to expand, a great example to help everyone understand is Picamillon which is Niacin and GABA Combined, a Peptide bond which allows it to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). If you take too much Niacin your Skin will be ichy and feel Sunburned, but it is a basic building block of the Human body.

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We are taking a B Complex which includes 8 B Vitamins, this allows the body to more readily do everything it needs to do.

These are similar to the big yellow multivitamin you have seen for years and when you take to many you smell it in your urine, so you can tell if you need more Vitamins and Minerals by looking at your urine and these new Vitamins are maybe more selective so you are not overloaded with things that will be rejected by the body or in short less wasteful of the space in the capsule adding and subtracting what is needed. But if you take to many you may get the Sunburned skin from Niacin (it goes away over night).

But by doing these kinds of observational decision making you can start to gauge what you need rather than looking at daily values, and I suggest taking more of any Vitamin on Day 1 particularly if you think you are deficient, the exception being iron and a few other toxic Minerals, or Niacin for example. But Daily Values are best restricted for Calories and other Fat, Sugars, Cholesterol, etc. The Daily Value for most Vitamins is a recommended amount, so really your only restriction is in what your body can absorb so do space out dosages throughout the day.

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