250 Grams of Pure CBD

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I am starting a Soap and Beauty Supply company with a Focus on Ancient Magic, with Recipes from the Bible, Galen (who studied at the Library of Alexandria), etc.

We will be making Soap with CBD, and we have plenty to start with. We already have about 2,000 Bars of Soap ready and are getting ready to make that much again, without and with CBD, we are just getting started with our CBD batches.

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In you research, have you found reference to the use of CBD in ancient soaps and medicine. Any reference to extraction methods?

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Kanna Bosem, the Frangrant Cane,
It is thought to be Cannabis,
Also the Balm of Gilead contains Caryophyllene which is similar and mentioned in the Bible as a healing substance. So that's where we are centering our CBD efforts in that kind of Application, Kanna Bosem and Balm of Gilead

Ok interesting.