Need help 🐶 A dog wheelchair purchase is required.

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Hi my dear friends!
Today I ask you for help. Please vote and repost this post. All payments for this post will be used to buy a wheelchair for this very good boy.

His name is Arey. His owners love him very much, but because of the war they lost their jobs. Making a wheelchair for him would cost about $200. I decided to help them. I have already placed an order and made an advance payment of 30%. Now within 10 days I need to find the rest of the amount.

His owners really love him and, despite the war and all the difficulties, they are ready to take care of him.

I'm not asking you to send me money, I'm asking for voting and reposts. As soon as the wheelchair for Arey is ready, I will make a post-report.


This is the wheelchair I ordered for Arey.


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That is very kind of you I have upvoted and shared and am looking forward to seeing Arey happy and enjoying his wheelchair :)

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I just sent in 50 blurt, I hope this can help.

Hello @animal-shelter
We have supported the dog wheelchair purchase with 50 BLURT.
We hope this little token helps.
Grateful to @ultravioletmag for her post that drew our attention to this charity support.

Hello @animal-shelter
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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sent a little liquid blurt maybe if enough of us do this he can get a chair :) I would send more but have to save it to give as a prize for Sundays quiz but can send more next week x

My first dog had to have a wheelchair for her last years so I totally get this. I really hope he enjoys it. Poor old chap. I'll donate some of my liquid instead of powering it up. Hope it helps. xx

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Good luck. Ive upvoted and shared, and im looking forward to see pics of this boy with his wheelchair 🙏🏻🥰💜

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Re 🤬 eD

Great way to use BLURT


Please look at as a way for this community to help order future items.

I wish I had seen this before I powered up. I'll start sending as much as I can over the next few days when I get payouts.

I suggest ppl who get good rewards could make a new post and set benifiary to animal shelter account. I doubt one post here will reach 200 dollars but if 20 of us wifh good following did this we would hit target quite quickly and it’ll get on more trending pages x

I'm going to transfer everything I make for the next week. That's a good idea

Oh what a cUte little dog