I Need words to lift my spirits.

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Greetings my dear friends,

Saludos mis queridos amigos.

Today I just wanted to say hello, actually I feel somewhat sad, or maybe much more than something sad.... and I wanted to stop by to see if I would read any comments that would lift my spirits.

Sometimes, no matter how much optimism I try to put forth, there are people who can do so much toxic, it doesn't always happen, I really fight against that, but this time I can't go against the current, and I think that today I don't have the will to fight, I just want to be alone in a very distant place maybe climb a very high mountain maybe for a couple of days, get fresh air and recharge my energy and then come down renewed...that would be great...

But hey, that I can't be done, so even though I'm not used to doing this, I vent here today... Needing a little oxygen!

By the way this is how my sunrise was today, beautiful right?

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Me encanta la fotografía de cielos, creo que forma imágenes de ensueño. Pienso que la mente siempre requiere de momentos de desintoxicación y desconexion, cuando estoy muy cargada tan solo apago todo y me desconecto del mundo al menos por unas horas y puedo sentir como mi energía se recupera.
Un baño de agua fría también ayuda y hacer el amor también así que cualquiera de las opciones que tengas te dejo estos tips jajaj.
Besitos mujer valiente.
Buena vibra mi bella y a disfrutar.

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There are hard days, days when anyone can feel the need to separate for a while from everything and take a break.

I wish I had better words to encourage and raise people's spirits, but all I can say is that you always remember that everything will pass, nothing is permanent, neither toxic people nor adverse situations, all those things are going to end It is time to breathe, get up, move forward and leave behind these things that are unpleasant, but that is something that we can find.

By the way, if the aurora looks beautiful in your photo, I always have a special appreciation for sunrises and the ancient Roman deity ... I am one of those old people who like ancient stories :)

Thank you ... I always cheer myself up and say to myself: nothing is forever, but today it seems so.
Well, maybe I woke up very, very overwhelmed today and perhaps it is difficult for me to see something positive.
At least I saw the beautiful sunrise, it is something positive right ?.
Thank you for your nice comment and for always coming :)

You're Welcome!

Hermoso amanecer. En ocasiones tenemos que distanciarnos un poco de todo lo que nos rodea para recargar nuestra energía. Espero que pronto te sientas mucho mejor. Te envío un fuerte abrazo. 🤗

Gracias :)

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