[Eng. - Esp.]My Power Up 3,800 Blurt. - Mi power up de Mayo 3.800 Blurt.

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Greetings friends.

Saludos amigos.

I have commented about the internet failures in my locality, it is intermittent or it gets very slow at times, however this week we were almost 4 continuous days without internet service, that is why I could not work curating and much less could I publish.

He comentado acerca de las fallas de internet en mi localidad, es intermitente o se pone muy lento a veces, sin embargo esta semana estuvimos casi 4 días continuos sin servicio de internet, por eso no pude trabajar curando y muchos menos pude publicar.

Finally the service was restored and I thought about doing my power up for the month of May of 3,800 blurt.

Finalmente el servicio fue restablecido y pensé en hacer mi power up del mes de mayo de 3.800 Blurt.

One of my goals is to reach 100K and thank God there is little left.

Una de mis metas es llegar alos 100K y gracias a Dios falta poco.

My BP before the power up.

Mi BP antes del power up.

My BP after the power up.

Mi BP después del power up.

Happy day to everyone

and thanks for the support in my publications

Feliz día para todos
y gracias por el apoyo en mis publicaciones.

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Hi, @blessed-girl,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

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Voted! Blurt Life :-)

Nicely done, I'm impressed.

If my work (or I find a better one) once PayPal allows crypto withdrawals I will be purchasing some more myself. I hate the crypto fiat exchanges and this will make things much easier.

Thank you for all you do to push Blurt to be successful.

Thank you :)
I have a PayPal account but I have never used it because they have told me that they sometimes block the money there, so I never used it

Voted! Blurt Better :-)
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