Walking is very beneficial for health.

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Walking is good for health, who doesn't know that! If you follow the rules every day, there are several benefits.

A new study has found that. There are additional benefits to walking after eating. Can you walk at any time of the day? Or is there a specific time when walking is most beneficial? Exactly how long do you need to walk a day?
The best time
Walking at any time of the day is good for physical and mental health. You can walk after eating to lose weight. Walking after meals is also good to control diabetes. Those who do not have any physical problems can walk every day for a healthy future.

How to walk
We burn a certain amount of calories every day as a result of walking and working at home. This is called resting metabolism. With this we burn extra calories when we exercise or jog or walk. The more you move, the more calories you will burn.
Walking fast for a while every day not only helps you lose weight, it also helps control your blood sugar levels. Walking ten minutes after eating every day helps control the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. Thirty minutes of continuous walking at any time of the day and ten minutes of walking after eating is much more effective.

Walking increases our heart rate and muscle collects energy from the carbohydrates or sugars stored in the body. When you walk after eating, your body stores muscle energy from the carbohydrates it has accumulated. As a result excess carbs cannot take the shape of body fat. The American Heart Association reports that 150 minutes of walking a week is good for our health.

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I agreed with your complements. Because it is true that mind has a direct affect in our body. When we think any kind of movement in our mind our body will move to this way.

Muy buena la informacion me siento asombrado😲