Have you ever suffered from acute appendicitis?

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I think you may have heard this term, appendicitis. It is a condition where a patient suffers from severe right lower abdominal pain, along with a few other symptoms. Typically, at first, a patient starts having pain around his belly button. A few hours later, the pain shifts to the right lower abdomen. The pain may associate with nausea/vomiting and fever.

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People of any age can get this disease. However, it is commonly found in people between 10-30 years of age. It is highly prevalent among the teenager group (10-19 years).

It is considered a surgical emergency. Prompt surgery is the most effective treatment. Without surgical removal of an inflamed appendix, there is a chance of complications such as perforation or burst of the appendix leading to the spread of the infection to the surrounding structure (known as peritonitis).

However, my practical experience is kinda different! In clinic practise, very few people go for an operation. Most of them ask for painkillers or symptomatic management. And in a good number of cases, they get relief from the pain and go back to their life.

What's your experience?

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