My Actifit Report Card: October 20 2021

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Hey everybody! I hope you’ve had an awesome day! 😎👍

Work was busy for me as always, but I’m always busy! I am seeing cancellations due to Covid-I’ve not seen this before since Covid first began. I guess it’s the variant at work.

It’s been a rainy day here and a bit windy as well. We’ve lost power 4 times this month already due to wind-which is a lot. This type of outages usually occur late November into December. We’re fine because of our solar (except for the well) but lots of folks aren’t. Makes one a bit nervous.

I was planning to try to do the nighttime hike but unfortunately my back is still having other ideas. I really need it to behave!!😠

Here is a different, more up close shots of that water laden tree ‘shroom-fungus from the Gold Mine Trail hike on Monday.

I post a lot of ‘shroom pics but ‘shroom season only lasts so long and then-poof! They will be gone! Right now the variety is excellent, so as long as they spring up, I’ll shoot the photos!😎🍄

Well, I guess that’s gonna be it for now. @actifit-lamb has offered to give me ‘hoof therapy’ for my back, but I’m not sure just what she’s thinking about doing. Hmmmm……maybe-nothing else is working, lol!🐑

Take care and have a good night!

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