[Eng.- De.]Do you know our National Tree? - Kennen Sie unseren Nationalbaum?

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Greetings my dear friends,

Grüße meine lieben Freunde,

Today I want to share with you one of the beauties that exist in the urbanization where I live. It is our National tree, the Araguaney. This beautiful tree that blooms only once a year, rarely does it twice, but when it does it is really beautifull.

Heute möchte ich mit Ihnen eine der Schönheiten teilen, die in der Urbanisierung existieren, in der ich lebe. Es ist unser Nationalbaum, der Araguaney. Dieser schöne Baum, der nur einmal im Jahr blüht, tut es selten zweimal, aber wenn er es tut, ist er wirklich auffällig.

Every year when our araguaney flowers, many neighbors meet to take photos, especially the first day, since unfortunately its flowers remain bright for only 3 days, then they wither and the show is over.

Jedes Jahr, wenn unsere Araguaney-Blumen sich treffen, treffen sich viele Nachbarn, um Fotos zu machen, besonders am ersten Tag, da die Blumen leider nur 3 Tage lang hell bleiben, dann verdorren sie und die Show ist vorbei.

This year, due to the pandemic, we all comply with the biosecurity regulations since in the urbanization there are several cases of covid, so it is better to prevent. However, despite the mask, I think the photos are very beautiful and that is why I am sharing some of them today.

In diesem Jahr halten wir uns aufgrund der Pandemie alle an die Biosicherheitsvorschriften, da es in der Urbanisierung mehrere Fälle von Covid gibt. Daher ist es besser, dies zu verhindern. Trotz der Maske finde ich die Fotos sehr schön und deshalb teile ich heute einige davon.

All the photos were taken with my Cell phone LG Risio

Alle Fotos wurden mit meinem Handy LG Risio aufgenommen

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The beauties are on the photos not only in the tree, but also under and in front of the tree! ;-)

Love greeting

Thanks for coming, I'm glad you liked the photos.

Happy day :)

My titel for your post: Three beauties and one tree ;-)

hahaha I like your title ... Thanks :)

The yellow sun of Venezuela 😉
I wrote down the name of the national tree,
could be a question in the pub quiz....
Does it bloom in springtime?

cheers 🤠

Hi @reiseamateur, how are you? I'm glad you visit my post. You're right is a good question for the pub... tell @ double-u.

I say the name at the beginning of the publication, it is called "Araguaney" .. but now if @double-u ask that question in the pub you already have an advantage hahaha.

Our Araguaney blooms between April and May, which would be like spring... Here in Venezuela we do not have 4 seasons like other countries, here we have summer and winter or wet season, because in reality it is not a winter like for example in Germany, here winter is rain and a little cold. Summer is hot...

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Nuestro querido y respetado árbol Nacional, es maravillo y todo un espectáculo poder ver su hermoso color vibrante y nos anuncia la llegada de la primavera, así con Angel la niña de las flores jajaja me recordé de esa comiquita.
Te envío un gran abrazo y bendiciones para tu linda familia.
Buena vibra.

Amén, cuando mi niña pequeña (Camila) tenía como 8 meses, mi esposo recogio muchas flores e hicimos una sesión de fotos con ella entre las flores de araguaney, muy bonitas quedaron.

Esta hermoso, a mi encantan, en casa hay uno cerca y todos los años espero con ansias verlo florecer

sí, son tan hermosos, lástima que sus flores duran poco tiempo.

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