Addiction when playing games

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Food has been served at the restaurant table, nobody cares, who is busy playing games on his mobile. If this can be the case then there's a risk of game addiction. The models during this iconic film are Nasim Uddin Ahmed, Dina Alam, Adian and Zara, Photo: Sumon Yusuf
Food has been served at the restaurant table, nobody cares, who is busy playing games on his mobile. If this is often the case then there's a risk of game addiction.

13-year-old Ahnaf. Fall in school Seven. i used to be good at studying. someday his mama gave him a smartphone as a present. From then on he started playing games. Mostly online games. Gradually the range of game play continued to grow. Online acquaintance with various gamers (game players) from home and abroad started talking on earphones. As a result, after you get to class eight, drop four things!


Busy with games all day, doesn't want to travel to any party with parents, doesn't mix with friends, doesn't read story books. He doesn't play cricket or the other sport. he's not inquisitive about anything apart from digital screen games. If the Wi-Fi is off reception for some moments, his anxiety increases. The instability begins. As soon as his parents got angry and tried to grab his itinerant, the calm-minded Ahnaf became furious and slammed the door of the house. He closes the door all day and doesn't want to travel to high school lately.

Parents are in crisis with adolescents with such characteristics as Ahnaf. This issue has emerged as a vital psychological state problem not only in Bangladesh but everywhere the planet. For this reason, after a protracted survey and research, the planet Health Organization has adopted it as a 'gaming addiction' within the 11th Scripture of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) in June 2016. Following this, it's been included within the ICD-11 Diagnosis Guidebook to be published in 2022.

This means that the planet Health Organization has identified the harmful use of those online games, mobile phones, computers or video games as a disease. Earlier in 2013, the American Psychiatric Association published a tenet on psychiatric diagnosis (DSM-5-) concerning the topic as 'Internet Gaming Disorder' and recommended identifying the disease on the premise of research.


It is behavioral addiction

Although game addiction could be a bit different from internet addiction. Some people are seen playing extra games on the net, some are obsessed with pornography, some are busy with various software or these and a few are spending most of the day on various social media including Facebook. In general, everything is nonchemical addiction. A meta-analysis of 18 research papers published on the topic round the world found that 4.6 percent of adolescents and youngsters are enthusiastic about Internet gaming. Of these, 7.8 percent are adolescents and 1.3 percent are adolescents (JY FAM, 2016).

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Bangladesh (BTRC), in April 2019, about 93.7 million people in Bangladesh were Internet subscribers, of which 86.9 million users were connected to the web through mobile phones. in line with the information of 2016, 35% of the web users in Bangladesh are secondary or higher secondary level students i.e. adolescents. But these are the largest risks of gaming addiction.

Not forbidden, but harmful

Internet or game play isn't a taboo subject. But its harmful, irrational, excessive use affects thinking and behavior. Addiction will be addictive when it involves using the net or playing games, which may have a detrimental effect on one's thinking and behavior, reduce one's social skills, or impair one's quality of life.

The way the tendency of addiction increases

Busy parents handed over various devices including mobile phones to stay the kid calm. They themselves are busy on the portable. persistently parents want to work out their child ahead of their eyes on the pretext of insecurity. therein case, he's relieved to possess a mobile phone-laptop in his hand, which has made children and teenagers hooked in to the web. whether or not the oldsters themselves are engrossed in social media on the web all day long, the tendency of addiction within the child increases.


When to mention addiction

If you employ the web, it can not be taken negatively. It remains to be seen whether it's gone to the stage of addiction. per the globe Health Organization and other research teams, the symptoms of gaming addiction should last for 12 months. However, if the symptoms are severe, then if they seem for a brief time, it may be called gaming disorder.

Some symptoms may move out of control, like using the web or playing games. which means playing frequently, using the net for long periods of your time, and being so engrossed in it that several things around him don't get his attention.

The day will start with the urge to use the internet or play games, there will be intense craving for games or the internet. Internet use is more important than anything new.

The time to play games on the internet will increase day by day. As he used to play two days a week, now he plays almost every day. I used to spend 1 hour a day on internet or games, now I spend 8 hours. Even if he wants to, he can't stop himself from playing games.

Internet or games will be the source of all happiness in life. Without these, he will not find happiness in anything else.

The things that are supposed to be done, such as: study, office, home work, everything will be disrupted. Test results will continue to be bad. The quality of work will decrease. Will be late to the office.

If you can't use the internet as you want, you will suffer from anxiety and discomfort. There will be an irritable mood. Feeling upset. Behavior will become aggressive. It can be seen that for some reason there is no internet connection, so he is getting restless, angry, screaming, vandalizing. Family members are becoming more aggressive.

• Sleep problems will occur. Sleep during the day and wake up at night.

• Food intake will become irregular. Eat foods that can be eaten quickly, such as fast food. That is, do not eat with time. He will eat at home without sitting at the table with everyone at home.

Lie. Will hide information to cover its own errors. The school will cheat or become inattentive in class. Never relax in class.

Spend more time in the bathroom, take your cell phone to the bathroom.

• Socialization will decrease. Do not mix with anyone. Wrap yourself up.

What are the consequences of addiction

Internet game addiction is basically the same as addiction to other drugs (yaba, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, etc.). The difference is that it is behavioral addiction, and addiction to other drugs, chemical addiction.

Addiction to the Internet or games develops in the same part of the brain (reward center) where addiction to things like yaba or marijuana is born. So there is no chance to look at it lightly.

The consequences of addiction are:

Family life will be disrupted. Relationships with family members, including parents, will continue to deteriorate. The value of social relationships will continue to decline.

• Social skills will be reduced. Excluding social events will keep you wrapped up. Decision making ability will be reduced.

• Personal life will be disrupted. Self-care will be less. Will suffer from malnutrition, because will not take adequate amount of food. Addiction to pornography will ruin your normal sex life.

The quality of education and career will decrease.

Mental illness can also occur

Some studies have shown that gaming disorders can lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and severe stress. The tendency to have a gaming disorder with bipolar mood disorder has never been more prevalent.

Being a victim of cyber crime or getting involved in cyber crime can lead to legal trouble.

Behavior changes based on internet or game content, behavior will be aggressive. Will get angry soon. Sometimes there is a tendency to commit suicide or to injure or kill others.

Ways of prevention

If you are not ready to use the internet, do not have internet connection or personal mobile phone. How much he is able to control himself, it must be considered first.

Set a time limit for gadgets and the Internet. Agree with the child to follow the rules. Encourage punctuality.

Keep your home desktop computer in a public place. Make it a point for children to use cell phones, tabs, laptops, etc. in front of you.

There are many security software. Use them so that no banned websites can be accessed from your home connection. You can take the help of your internet connector or technology expert in this regard.

The child will not be complacent thinking that he is very skilled in technology. Wait for his age to become technology friendly.

Give the child quality time. If parents themselves are addicted to technology, then first of all get rid of your addiction. Practice playing carom, ludu, chess, monopoly etc. at home with the whole family. According to the rules, everyone goes for a walk together. Encourage every field game.

• Internet or game addiction is but a problem just like drug addiction. If necessary, get rid of this addiction with the help of a psychiatrist.

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