In a few of these years you will be able to enjoy a few games for free

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The end of 2019 is almost over and Christmas is almost around the corner. Many of you will count, hopefully, with a few days off or rest; A time that you can use to enjoy video games. In this article I collect all the free games from different platforms so don't forget to download or find out the games that you can enjoy for free, unless you are part of any kind of subscription or have a free account in Epic Store.

Requirements for free game access:

  • PlayStation Plus: The service has an active subscription. You may only have access to the games while you are on the service. (8.99 $ / month)
  • PlayStation Now: Streaming game service that lets you download the game on the PS4 system itself. Alternatively it can also be used on PC. (9.19 / month)
  • Xbox Live Gold: Keep an active subscription to the service. Games will always be part of your library. (6.29 $ / month)
  • Nintendo Switch Online: The service has an active subscription. Games will always be part of your library. (3.59 $ / month)
  • Epic Store: Have a free account on the platform. Games will always be part of your library. (Free)
  • Twitch Prime: Keep an active subscription to the service. Games will always be part of your library. (3.59 $ / month)
  • Kind Bundle: Keep an active subscription to the service. Games will always be part of your Steam library. (12 $ / month)

PlayStation Plus


Titanfall 2

A Games of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was a sequel to Titanfall and was released for sale on January 28, 2016

Monster Energy Supercross

Create a Champion Rider with Monster Energy Supercross 2017 for PlayStation 4 Get ready to experience the best driving experience, compete with thousands of players and customize your motorcycle and rider. The first to lose the second!


Sports video game based on CrossMinton, an emerging racquet game in which players play in two separate cases without a net using the steering wheel and special racquets. You can play both singles for one and two in two.

PlayStation Now


Player unknown battlefield

More than fifty million copies have been sold and more than four hundred players around the world have made this game one of the best titles ever published. That game started the Royal Event of War which is a historic historical milestone in the world of video games and it arouses the wrath of the public: fast games, fast action and adrenaline in a scene where about 100 players will face once. Easy to understand as hard as master. This PlayStation will now be available until March 3, 2020.

Wolfenstein: Old Blood

A first-person action adventure sets out to create a parallel historical reality that begins with what happened when the Nazis won World War II, although not only will German troops need to survive, as it will also have to stand up to the zombies introduced as an extension of Wolfenstein: The New Order, thanks to its quality, is considered to be a complete title by combining French verbs with stealth and search moments. A new chapter in the legendary Wolfenstein story that should not be missed by his followers or any player who enjoys good action titles. It will now be available on PlayStation until December 1, 2020.

F1 2019

Being a franchise that every driving fan expects every year, PlayStation Now manages to get users to enjoy the latest installments. F1 2019 Improvements in trajectory mode, improvements in online mode, better graphics, inclusion of F2… Double is a safe bet for sports fans. It will now be available on PlayStation until December 1, 2020.

Games with gold


Insane robot

Fight to the death in this unique fighting game with cards! Compete in one intense conflict after another. Lead a robot uprising through randomly generated survival courtyards. Face a campaign for a player of more than 15 hours and raise an evil and dictatorial robot. Crazy Robot is a card fighting game ... Hack!

Evolution of the Jurassic World

Toy Story 3

Castavenia: Shadows of the Lords - HD Mirror of Fate

Xbox Games Pass

Games that will reach the Xbox One service

December 5
My friend Pedro (ID: Xbox)
Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi striker
December 6

Daemon's Tilt (ID: First One Launch of Xbox)
Wondersong (ID: Xbox One's first launch)
December 12

eFootball PES 2020
Overcooked! 2 (ID: Xbox)
Pathologic 2 (ID: Xbox One's first launch)
The Clancy of Tom Clancy

Games that will appear on the PC service

Age of Wonder: Planet Fruit
The tendency of the monster
Europa Universalis IV
Farming Simulator 17
Human: Fallen flat
Metro: Last Light Redux
My friend Pedro
Pathological 2

Well I hope this information is good for you to play all you ca

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