Pinoy Recipe Challenge: Your Version of the Filipino Paksiw

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Image is owned by @mermaidvampire.
You may feature any kind of paksiw.

Hello, Blurt Fam and the BlurtFilipino community!

We will have our first Pinoy Recipe Challenge to showcase our Filipino food and at the same time to make sure we are practicing the guidelines of the #blurtfilipino curation to uphold quality posting in the Blurt platform.

Challenge Duration:
1 Month (January 16, 2020- February 16, 2021)

Everyone is a WINNER!
Provided you follow the QUALITY guidelines below, votes are guaranteed from the #BlurtFilipino curation account and the people behind it, plus it will be endorsed to the supportive Blurt Foundation team for curation as well.

Who May Join:
All Filipinos in Blurt.
One account may have up to 3 entries maximum.

The Post Template:
A little bit of a background story.
Finished Product. (Original Photos)

Post Tags:
blurtfilipino, blurtchef, blurtcontests and pinoyrecipe

Quality Guide:
At least 200 words.
At least 5 original pictures.
You may use a video for the process.
Be as creative as possible.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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join jud ko ani

Mayroon akong sariling version Binol-anon .

Magandang challenge, mapaparami kain natin dito.

Ayun paksiw, lalong sasarap pag maraming luya dagdagan pa ng talong o ampalaya. Sabaw pa lng ulam na

Ang sarap ng paksiw sheyyytsss talaga pag meron okra, talong, sili lalo na lagyan pa yan ng carrots peru wag na maiinggit na kapitbahay.

Anyway, ano kaya ang kaya kong lutuin para makasali, magaling din kasi talga ako mag upgrade hahahaha ung jobibee na shekenjoy sabawan ko yan eh kala nyo ha.

  ·  last year (edited)

tara na at mag paksiw. @lhen18

@leahbelle join ka dito at ikaw din dear @sgbonus @zephalexia

Thanks for telling me po. I'll try one of these days

Gorabam matagal tagal naman duration makapagprepare ng paksiw hehe lezzgo

Sige po,

Dear Filipinos in Blurt, please feel free to tag your friends in the comments who would be interested. Thanks!