BlurtFilipino Week 1 Engagement Champion Award Goes to --- @g10a!

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A few days ago, we have announced that we will be awarding one of our active participant in the #blurtfilipino community with the Engagement Champion Award. This will be done weekly and posted every Sunday.

Here are the criteria to get the award:

  • You must be an active user of the #blurtfilipino tag and post at least once a week using the tag.
  • Make a sensible comment at least once daily on any posts in the Blurt platform.
  • Randomly vote other comments in the platform.
  • Reply to the comments on your posts and comments.
  • g10a.jpg

    For this week, March 14-21, 2021 --- Our Engagement Champion Award goes to --- @g10a!!!
    Here is his comments tab:

    He (@g10a) will get 10 liquid Blurt from the sponsor, @mermaidvampire as prize for this award. His comments will also be randomly voted by @blurtfilipino to earn author rewards.

    Congratulations, @g10a! Continue to be an engagement gem here in Blurt, we need more people like you in the community.


    Banner art credits to @gremayo.

    Could you be the next ENGAGEMENT Champion?!

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    Congratulations diha sir

    Oh wow! thank you @blurtfilipino I really am surprised. And to boss @mermaidvampire thanks for sponsoring 10blurt as reward of being active. Yeah only in blurt, our being so tsismoso will be paid lol, AahhhhLove it!

    More Power #blurtfilipino community.

    Congrats @g10a!

    Congratulations! This post has been upvoted by the @blurtcurator communal account,
    You can request a vote every 12 hours from the #getupvote channel in the official Blurt Discord.Don't wait to join ,lots of good stuff happening there.