Dissertations in the park

in blurtech •  8 months ago 

The 1st crypto exchange is forcing me to verify my account before the 18th of October and I have been closing positions on spot and futures while migrating my holdings out of the stupid CEX.
There are still many options to try without KYC and I am using them while I can, gaining time while waiting for the fully decentralized and anonymous options to be deployed.
I’m not in hurry for that, I don’t need the money and so I don’t have to fully disclose all my personal info to a third party entity.
This is a long term game, which basis and rules are written and on which many powerful hands would like to add their own rules in order to maintain their power and position.
Perhaps my efforts are totally a waste of time but we have still options to play and many under development…
Why I should fall into the “old rules” we all know don’t work?
Surely there are many that think KYC is a need but that is what I think it is not. Actually, it’s going against any statement of decentralization and cryptographic idea IMO.

We are still in a very early stage on the development and adoption of this technology.
Still what we need to preserve is our freedom as individuals in order to be our own bank.

Just thinking loudly from the doggy park 😂😂


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