BTC Whales: this is not finished at all despite BINANCE

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Yes, my dear friends, this is far from over...
Do you know who has been buying discounted BTC these days?
Obviously you know, the top 100 Richest addresses on BTC have almost doubled their purchases this week while keeping their sales constant.

What does this mean?
certainly these people have the power of the market in their hands and although there has been some son of a btch ** who has sold BITCOIN (aka BINANCE*), the rest have been bought in excess.

And how do we know that the triggers of all these series of mini BEAR Market have been BINANCE?

Well, check it out for yourselves:


BINANCE's huge sales on key days are what seem to have driven the market down. A small relative movement of this exchange and, pufffff ... millions of dollars in LONGS positions liquidated. For some reason, this wallet (BINANCE) is number 1, manipulation is its speciality and main business.

However, it is curious that TODAY BINANCE has sold 17,500 BTC and the market has not reacted negatively at all... for the moment.

The rest of the big whales are buying, almost all of them.

Impressive what is doing nowadays the 14th address out of the Top100, it has gone from 3500 BTC to 42000 in just one week!


Look how is behaving, he is buying or selling "almost binary" the majority of his BTC stake in key moments, and every time his stake (Blue line) is bigger.

Another example is the 3rd Top100 address, who looks to behave more consistently, accumulating on valleys, selling only almost at the peaks:


Below my weekly follow-up chart of the BUYING/SELLING ratios:


As I already said at the beginning, the ratio BOUGHT/SOLD is 2.67 while one week ago was 1.77, a notably increase in favour of the BULLS IMO.


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.

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