Upcoming Robot Technology: Will the Garment Industry Survive?

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Row upon row of sewing machines lined up under bright light. Hundreds of women workers are working. Chircena view of any garment factory in Bangladesh.
Yet such a scene may be seen in big factories in Dhaka, Narayanganj or Chittagong.
But let’s imagine the scene ten years later. What will be a garment factory in Bangladesh?
The picture for the future is clear to Sarah Cressley, CEO of Shimi Technology, a New York-based technology company.


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"After ten years, very few workers will actually work in a garment factory. In addition to robotic machinery, we may still see some workers working. There will be more automated robotic equipment throughout the factory. There will be many computers. There will be design rooms across most of the factory. Will work with this digital technology. "

Sarah Cresley has previously worked with the automobile industry in the United States. He thinks that the way automation has changed the car manufacturing industry, this time it will be repeated in the garment industry.
The industry in which about four million people work in Bangladesh, the sector that has created the most work in the last few decades, then what will be the situation?


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"About 70 to 8 percent of them will lose their jobs because of automation. That means millions of workers will be unemployed. That's not my estimate, it's the International Labor Organization's estimate," said Sarah Cresley.
According to him, the dangers facing Bangladesh are many.
The first is this automation, which has already started to happen. The second is the changing fashion trend under the influence of social media, which is having a huge impact on clothingOn brands. And finally, there is the 'reshoring' or 'nearshoring' of the garment industry in the final stage of automation. In other words, from where this garment industry has come to countries like Bangladesh, there is a risk that this industry will go back there.


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