Updates on Condenser Frontend | Dev Update 2021-09-29

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Hi, everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted one of these.

I pushed the latest version of the Condenser frontend to production tonight and I figured I would do a quick update to let you know about some of the fixes that have been implemented.

Larger Text Field for Comments and Replies

The text field for comments and replies has been expanded to six lines by default instead of the three lines that it was before. Some people were asking for that since typing any comment of significant length meant that you had to manually enlarge the field in order to see what you were typing.

That fix was brought to you by @michelangelo3.

Some Aesthetic Issues on Mobile Were Fixed

There have been a few issues related to mobile browsers. One was an issue with the voting dialogue box being offset and having part of it hidden off-screen. There were a couple more minor aesthetic issues.

These fixes were brought to you by @sagescrub.

User Settings Now Get Saved Correctly

There was an issue that was causing user settings to not get saved. For example, when switching to night mode, or changing the language or NSFW settings, the settings would go back to default as soon as you navigated away from the page or if you reloaded the page.

This issue has been resolved and the user settings now get saved correctly.

You might have to log out and back in the first time for it to take effect.

This issue was fixed by @tekraze.

He wrote about it in this post and in this post.

Please feel free to checkout these two posts and show @tekraze some love with your votes.


I have set the following beneficiaries on this post:

That's All, Folks!

That's it for now.

I will continue to add to the list of improvements and bug fixes and recruit devs to help do the work, as well as do some of the work myself where it's within my abilities.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great one!

Now get out of my house!

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You can vote for my witness by going here.

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Thanks for mention, which drew me here from my exile ;-) Nice to see that things are moving forward.

This is great news. I will upgrade https://BlurtWorld.com front-end to use this code.


Its really Good Information and set benificies.
Amazing good work ۔Everyone understand set benificies.😊

My friend ❤️. Greetings from here. Your update are always inspiring about the frontend on blurt. I use chrome and it working well and smoothly here. Well-done friend.

Thanks for the updates @saboin and congrats @tekraze for contributing to the community also It's nice to see you helping most of the communities

Thanks Rahul

With the little days I have spent here on this platform. I enjoyed the browsing interface. You people here are doing a great job I must say. Well-done. I'm new though. I followed you.

Thanks so much for the updates and the great job you're doing @saboin.

I wished there were more dapps working above Blurt and something like "hiveprojects.io" to gather them together so people can find easily what they are looking for but I guess it will have to wait till more devs join the party ;)

Keep on!

Hi, @saboin,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

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User Settings Now Get Saved Correctly

This is amazing, I really love this update.

I will continue to add to the list of improvements and bug fixes and recruit devs to help do the work, as well as do some of the work myself where it's within my abilities.

Thank you so much, and kudos to all the users that have contributed to the development of this platform. God bless you all

Thanks @mato445 will fix more

Thanks @saboin for the mention. It was a nice experience I look forward working more on this.