More Updates to Blurt.Blog | Dev Update 2021-07-10

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A Brief Summary of New Changes

I've been working on the website today and yesterday and I've made a few changes that I hope will be improvements.

3Speak Embeds Work Now

It was brought to my attention yesterday that embedding 3Speak videos didn't work on I have found the problem and I think it's working correctly now. Let me know if you're still having trouble with that.

A few months back, 3Speak changed their domain name from to And since there was nobody working on the frontend during that time, the code just wasn't updated.

Don't be shy to let us know if anything doesn't work correctly. We want to get everything fixed and we're aware of a lot of the problems, but I'm sure there are some we don't know about.

Thanks to @leifasaur for bringing up the issue.

The Formula for the Estimated Vote Value Has Been Updated

Since the official frontends have been down for a few of the last hardforks, the formula that was used for estimating vote values were no longer giving accurate results.

I spent most of the day updating the formula so it matches the Blurt nodes. I have tried it a few times and it's pretty close. The value ends up being just a tad higher than estimated, and that's due in part to the dynamic nature of the blockchain. The mechanism that makes it so that your Blurt Power grows, also causes the vote values to change. And if you have a lot of BP, you can even witness this yourself by going to your wallet and watching your BP balance. You can pretty much see it growing in real time.

I've also made it so the frontend asks the Blurt node for information about the blockchain's configuration. This means that next time we change something with the reward curve, we won't need to change the frontend code because it will automatically adapt.

Some Updates and Adjustments to the Image Proxy

In order to make the browsing experience faster for everyone and to also save on Internet bandwidth, all images on go through a proxy server.

Some people had noticed that the proxy server was enlarging images that were not supposed to be enlarged and it made small icons look big and ugly. @double-u and @dotwin1981 had brought it up in the Discord server.

I have updated the software on the image proxy and I have changed the settings so that it never enlarges pictures.

You'll notice that it also shrinks the pictures now so that you can see the whole picture in the preview. The way it was set before, it would enlarge the images so that they would fill the whole rectangle, so it had the effect of cutting off people's heads in the thumbnail if the image was taller than it was wide.

It doesn't always centre the images, which is something that annoys me a bit. If there is anyone who is good with CSS and wants to fix some of the aesthetics of the site, don't be shy to make a pull request and add your touch.

What's Next?

The next thing I want to do is put up a simple image server so that people who had uploaded images to can have the images show up again in their old posts.

Then I want to try to get the IPFS version of the image uploader working. I'll probably temporarily try to get the old one back up in the mean time. So that's probably the next think I'll be working on.

There are also still some bugs that need to be crushed on the Condenser and the Wallet apps. There's lots of work to be done for sure.

That's All for Now!

I hope you all have a great one until next time!

Vote for my witness!

I run a witness node on the Blurt blockchain and I would really appreciate your witness vote.

You can vote for my witness by going here.

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Hello brother. You are really doing a great job. Gracias

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m going to have some more updates sometime this week. I’m going to get the image server back up.

Hoping to see more update as you have Said

Your preannouncement of the vote value in the frontend is totally exactly right. Great work! Thank you!

It should be right. I used the exact same math as what is in the Blurt nodes. ;-)

If you're curious, you can check:

did I send you the 100k?

You sent me 100k last week if I remember correctly. I powered up 80% of it and kept the rest as liquid.

I love the size settings you've chosen for now! Thank you!

Wow ! Great, I appreciate your development work! Thanks for your good work. @saboin.

This is a great development @saboin! I appreciate your work. Thanks for your efforts to make

Great job...hope in coming days we can see lot of great development on blurt. Keep up your great job.

Thanks for resolving many things and the image proxy of large size problem was solved. that's great. and next work is another important work so that old images can be visible in the post. nice work. appreciated and keep on helping blurt.

Just an idea, if it's not too much work. Maybe you could make a post how to get local running. I think git clone or something similar would be the beginning. And the end, how to upload changes without breaking anything ;-)

One more thing, which IDE do you work with? I used NetBeans until now.

To clone the git repo, it's:

git clone

Then you have to navigate down to the condenser directory.

I just open that directory in my IDE and, that way, I don't get distracted by everything else in the Blurt repo.

One more thing, which IDE do you work with?

I use VS Code. It has all the plugins you could ever need for pretty much every programming language and file type you might come across.

It also has some very good plugins for working with git. I use them for all the git stuff instead of typing out all the commands in the terminal. It's still good to know how to use git the old fashioned way, but it's easier to do it with the GUI in the IDE.

If you decide to try VS Code, I can suggest a list of plugins that I find very useful.

And the end, how to upload changes without breaking anything

Very carefully. LOL!

But seriously, do a git pull to make sure you're working on the latest version of the code, then, when you're ready to upload your changes, do a git push. Just be sure that Condenser works before you git push.

I've broken Condenser quite a few times while working on it. That's when git is very useful; it's easy to go back to a previous version or to just discard the changes you made to a file.

Alternatively, if you're not 100% confident in your code, you can just create a branch and work in that branch until you're ready to merge with the dev branch.

Thank you very much, I'll have something to play with tomorrow. But first it's bedtime (01:50 am) for me ;-)

Looking forward to seeing whats in store

Great work thanks for you support and help with my issue.

good job. Thanks for uodating. I am waiting for the images to be uploaded by uploading them from the computer or mobile phone

That's in the works.

Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for reply

Heya Mate good to see you re working on external implements so things like 3speak can be used, i hope you will do something like that for VIMM as well...

I noticed that they added a bunch on the Hive version of Condenser. I'll check into what they added there and make sure that it gets added to the Blurt version, too.

if you want i know the scripter/owner of VIMM i could get you two together if you want :)

Sure. I'll contact you when I get to that point if I can't figure it out by myself.

VIMM has his own Discord , so its easy to get together :)

I'll add it to my list.

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Why is it that after I submit my post and want to make a new post. The previous post that have been submitted will still appear.

At first I didn't bother cause I thought the fault was from my chrome browser not untill a friend of mine @lordhojay also complained about the issue.

@saboin I want you to look into this issue, since not the only one experiencing this...

Even as at today I still experience the issue while I wanted to submit "My photography of the day post" (my latest post today.)

Thank you for the amazing work you have been doing.

Best regards

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

That is done on purpose so that it saves your post in case there is an error when you submit your post. That way you don't need to start over.

There is a "clear" button beside the "post" button that you can press to clear the editor and start a new post.

Unfortunately, it also happens with comments.
If you write a lot of comments (like in the pub), it is already annoying to always have to delete the old content first.

Also, the default size of the field for a new comment could be significantly much much larger. It would not interfere. But the very small field you usually have to enlarge first.

But this things have no importance or priority ;-)

If you write a lot of comments (like in the pub), it is already annoying to always have to delete the old content first.

I think it's supposed to clear it automatically once you have successfully posted your comment or post. The next time I work on Condenser, I'll try to see why that isn't happening.

Also, the default size of the field for a new comment could be significantly much much larger.

Yes! I agree. I have had the same thought. It's a bit annoying to have to stretch it each time you want to make a longer comment.

I'll definitely get that sorted.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into improving Blurt.

It would be great to have the images back. It would make the website look much better. It is great to see BLURT managing to survive despite all the setbacks. I wish the absolute Best of Luck!

The next thing I want to do is put up a simple image server so that people who had uploaded images to can have the images show up again in their old posts.

This please!!!
Thanks for all the work done so far :)

Thanks for your hardwork @saboin.

Oh! Great, Thank you so much, dear.

hello ... to me this all looks fantastic for now ... I just have one problem. I switched the tokens a long time ago from blurt to hive engine and they didn’t show up there. Who should I contact for transactions? thanks ... and keep up the great work 😊

The @blurtlink service is owned and operated by @yehey. You can contact him in the #blurtlink channel in the Blurt Discord server.

Tnx 😊

This is a very good development. Thanks for your efforts to make blurt better.

I'm voting your witness right away

You're doing great!
Thanks for that!

Thank you very much for your work and for your great effort, you are doing everything possible so that this continues.
I wanted to ask, it's actually two questions. The first, the value of our account in the wallet that currently says $NaN will be resolved. Will the real price of the account be seen one day?
The second, is there any way that our account can see the incoming delegations? And whoever delegates, some way to implement that would be very helpful. Thank you very much for your support and the great love towards Blurt

The real price of the account is going to be fixed eventually. I have already fixed quite a few things in the code for the wallet. I need to build a program that will fetch the price info from Coingecko and places like that and then feed it to the wallet. That is one of the things that was handled by a third party and we'll have to build it. Anyway, it's in the plans.

Unfortunately, the incoming delegations is something that the Blurt nodes don't keep track of. The same is true for Steem, the chain Blurt was forked from. They had talked about adding it on Hive, but I don't think they did there either.

I would like to see incoming delegations as well, so I was thinking of building something separate as a solution for that and we can ask the Blurt node developers to add that functionality to the nodes in the future. I don't think we need a hard to add that, so I'll mention it.

Thank you all very much for your answers, I am grateful. Congratulations on all the work

go to
in the search boxes click "All" and you see a dropdown menu, select delegations, run.

Thanks some info I have needed in a while I can finally thank people properly.

This is a known issue along with powerdown still showing 13 weeks at initiation instead of 4 weeks. These will be fixed.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Great work . Especialy i like that the votevalue is now shown correct.

I guess the new setting with never enlarge will take effect only on new posts ?

In my newest Post my social media Icons are still enlarged with factor 10 i think .
Edit: Seems to be a firefox problem . In all other chrome based browser it looks normal.

Like @double-u mentioned, it could just be that you still have the old image cached and it's showing you those cached images.

The solution is to clear the cache for and reload the page. You can also try doing Ctrl-Shift-R (Cmd-Shift-R on Mac) to reload the page and bypass the cache.

In Google Chrome they were also still so huge in size ...
But, as so often, it helped to delete the cookies.
Now these icons are very small again.

The work of @saboin was successful.

I like working with except that most "blog" domains are blocked from our school. I've been working through blurt world and then at home.

Wow.... Awesome work @saboin ... well done

Thank you for everything you are doing.

Are there any plans to make Blurt friendly for Safari again? It refuses to display comments or replies, or follow lists for quite some time now. I really miss the replies option, as I enjoy reading my replies the most.

I wasn't aware that there was a problem with Safari. I've been using Brave and Firefox almost exclusively for quite some time.

I'll look into it. There could be some quirk with Safari that needs something added in the code to make it happy.

Thanks for letting me know!

Wanted to give you an update. I cleared all of my cookies to see if maybe you had made progress on safari and now it refuses to even load the site, saying it can't make a secure connection.

I can't replicate the issue on my end.

Which version of Safari are you using and which operating system?

Right now, I'm logged in with Safari 14.1.1 on Mac OS Catalina (10.15.7), and it all works correctly.

I've replied to a few comments (including this one) with Safari and I haven't run into any issues.

I'm using Safari 14.0.1 on my phone. I just commented this to Jacob.

Whatever occurred was during the last hard fork. It changed to where you could only see your posts, but nothing else. No one elses posts, their comments to you, your follow list etc. I tried clearing my cookies the other day and now the site wont even load in my safari browser. It says it can't establish a secure connection and refuses to load it. Ironically, Blurt World will load for me, but like the other it only will display my own posts and nothing else.

I'm wondering if it has to do with it being through a phone now instead of a computer. Everything displayed correctly for me though until the last fork.

I’m posting this reply from Safari on my iPhone 6.

Everything seems to work as it should for me.

I wonder what’s different on your end. What is the model of your mobile phone?

I wonder if it’s your mobile carrier. Does this happen regardless of if you’re using wifi or cellular data?

It all started at the last fork. I get alternating messages that say either the connection wont be secure to the latest one saying the site is timing out. Here is a link to the "connection not secure" snapshot.

Here is one for Blurtworld where it only allows you to see your own posts, no comments replies or follow lists for anyone including oneself. This was what I was also getting for Blurt blog before I deleted my cookies and now it says not secure and refuses to even load.

I'm using the Iphone SE that was released last year, so its a fairly newer model.

I'm only using the cellular data as I don't have the patience to put in the long string passwords due to the small size of the buttons coupled with my not so great old eyes.

It's not a deal killer but I do miss being able to see if someone responds and look for others posts while not on my computer.

@practicalthought I used it everyday, but I will try to replicate your issue.

You could try using the full URL to force it to connect securely ( is owned and operated by @yehey. It’s not an official site and I have no control over it. I only have access to make changes on