More Small Updates | Dev Update 2021-10-15

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Here are the updates for what has been done in the past few days.

Thumbnails on Posts With Embedded 3speak Videos

There was an issue that was causing posts with embedded 3speak videos to show the "image not found" image on the thumbnails.

I have fixed that issue, and thumbnails now display correctly on posts with embedded 3speak videos.

Post Payout Options

I have updated the Blurt JavaScript library and the WhaleVault dev was able to update the WhaleVault extension. So the issue where you weren't able to select 100% power up when posting with the WhaleVault extension has been resolved.

There was also an oversight that caused new posts to default to 100% power up even if you didn't choose that option. I have corrected that issue and posts will now default to 25/75 payout unless you choose a different option in your settings.

Voting Panel

There was an issue where the voting power didn't update often enough in the voting panel and that caused people to deplete their voting power faster than they realized.

@tekraze has added some code to make the voting power update more often, so you'll have a better idea of your actual voting power.

I have also added some code so that it shows a vote value of 0 if you try to vote on a post that is past payout.

Removed Sort Comments by Reputation

Since we removed the reputation score on Blurt, it made no sense to sort comments by author reputations, so I removed that option.

Resolved Issue with Wallet Build

I have updated some packages on the wallet app, and I was able to finally build the app and push it to production.

That means that all the fixes to the wallet that I talked about in the last post are now live.

Possible Fix for Reblogs

As most of you know, there is a bug with reblogs where only certain accounts are able to reblog posts.

@jga has been working on it and we think he has fixed the issue.

I will be testing a Blurt node with his fix in the next few days.

If the test goes well, I will update the Blurt nodes so that everyone is able to reblog posts. I will also make a presync Docker image so that everyone who runs a Blurt RPC node can also update quickly.

That's All, Folks!

There are other things that have been done, but they won't be seen by the end users. But if you're interested in knowing what we've been up to apart from what I post in these updates, you can always look at the commit history on GitLab.

That's it from me for now.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great one!

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I have tried to voting you as witness but no use. Unsuccessful

You need to log in with your active key to vote for witnesses.

Thanks for good information me
I am working hard to use blurt life

Good job. Weldone sir.

Having issues using my active key. Anyone else reporting this?

Great work @saboin. There is real progress in here.

There are some errors, for example >>> Mark all as read
Copies after marking...

Well done @saboin , you are doing a super job

Great job. Weldone sir.

That is great news and as i am well wisher for blurt community ,i would like to see little more update about Dtube and blurt . I am content creator mostly from video format and hope many more are there on blurt platform. I would be happy if i post my content on dtube then it automatically visible to blurt blogging . Hope the dev will fix it soon.

I think @eastmael was working on integrating Blurt with Dtube. He still has some work to do before it’s complete.

I would watch for his posts. He posts updates on his Blurt blog.

DTube team requested for a staging environment for them to test the codes. This wasn’t a task I was expecting from them.

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You're doing great. Thanks for the updates and thank you to everyone on the development team

@saboin I have done that severally but my name is still not in.
Here is my address

It's in.

You probably checked right away before it had a chance to register.

Or maybe you put a space in the text field.

The program is a few blocks behind the head block, so it can take a few minutes before it catches your transaction.

I'm changing it so it follows the head block and I added some code to the website so it removes spaces if someone puts spaces by mistake. I should have thought of that when I made the program, but I forgot.

Anyway, you're all set.

Thank you!

Hi, @saboin,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

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Wow! Blurt and goes with great strides of improvement!
Thank you so much for this!


Hi @saboin, hi @tekraze,

maybe I may wish something from you?

In the pub it happens very often that I answer a user a second or a third time.
Each time, in the field for the new comment, the previous comment is in it.
So you have to delete the old comment first and then you can insert the new comment.

I know that you left this state on purpose, so that after a mistake the already written text is not lost.
But I think if a short comment is lost once because of a mistake, it is not bad. And the users who write very long comments usually use another application with which they can save.

Oh, I was about to write about posts, but just tested again:
When you want to write a new post, the fields are now not filled with the previous content. It seems that you have already changed that.That is very good!

One last thing:
If it does not make much work, it would be nice if the field for comments would be offered a few lines larger. After all, it doesn't bother if it's bigger.

Thanks a lot!

And have a nice weekend!

Each time, in the field for the new comment, the previous comment is in it.

That is in our to-do list, here.

it would be nice if the field for comments would be offered a few lines larger.

We have enlarged it to 6 lines, up from the 3 lines that it was originally. How many lines do you think would be a good size? I was thinking 10 lines. Do you think that makes sense? That one is not a big job; it's just changing a number in code.

@michelangelo3 did the original enlargement of the text field here.

Yes @saboin @double-u

Each time, in the field for the new comment, the previous comment is in it.

That is in our to-do list, here.

I am on it but I have not yet figured out the issue. But I I'll try to fix by the weekend.


Oh, I'm glad the first item is already on your to do list.

Yes, I also think 10 to 12 lines would be nice.

Thanks for your attention!

Thank you!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to see you do this post because I like this post very much and what more can I say since I have seen this post I have been doing this post again and again I have liked this post of…

You put the same comment everywhere.
Imagine if we would all do that ... then Blurt would be at the end .....

Great updates! Much appreciated.

You are doing a great job and the team of programmers becomes increasingly strong. I'm sure you can create many other things.
I send you good wishes and I encourage you to continue animated, growing and trusting that perseverance and discipline has good results over time.
Good vibes.

Thanks for your work and time you invest here to make Blurt's Frontend even better.

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Great work, thanks!

Thanks for doing all these uodates and mention.

Thanks for the update concerning the removal of sort comment by reputation. Although I'm just growing on here but I think it doesn't sounds well leaving it. Good job my friend.

Ever since I joined this great Community and platform. You have always been doing a hard great job with your blurt development update. I'm following you. You are truly a good witness for us.

@saboin. Thanks for always bringing more great update into the community. That's a very good work way of a good leadership as well. I respect your blurt development. Greetings.