Incoming Delegations Now Shown in Wallet | Dev Update 2022-02-26

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Hi, Blurters!
Users have been waiting for this feature for some time now and I finally got around to adding it.

Incoming Delegations Are Now Shown In Wallet's Delegations Page

Now, when you go to the delegations page, you will notice a new section that shows incoming delegations.

I was waiting for this feature to be added to the Blurt nodes before I could add it to the wallet UI. @jga has added the feature to the Blurt node software, and we have tested it and got all node operators to upgrade to the new version of the Blurt node software.

Now all that was left to do was to add the feature to the Blurt wallet UI, and I finally got the time to work on that today.

Screenshot of the wallet's delegations section showing incoming delegations
Screenshot of the wallet's delegations section showing incoming delegations

You can see @jga's work here.

You can see my work here.

That's All, Folks!

That's it for this one. I just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know about this new feature.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great one!

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Sir @saboin. Can Blurt work with the platform? We from Indonesia are very difficult to exchange Crypto, is one of the platforms that can exchange crypto for real money. Hope Blurt can cooperate with

I will bring this up with the core team. It would be nice to have BLURT be more accessible to more people around the world.

I agree that Blurt can be easily used by people all over the world.

Currently, users from Indonesia continue to grow, given the difficulty of transactions, they must go through third parties. If Blurt and Indodax are connected, it will be very easy for Blurt users from Indonesia to transact without any third party.

Very correct. If is synchronized with Blurt, it will certainly make it easier for us users from Indonesia. Hopefully Mr. @saboin and the team can fulfill our wishes!

Hello developer saboin sir!
I'm feeling sad and sorrow that i have posted my introduction post after two years of creating my account. i was in deep darkness and superstitions that blockchains are scam and fraud because how can my blog be paid without ads. But now i understood and want work in blurt blog. Can you see my introduction please.

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Hi eberybody! I'm new on BLURT. I came from HIVE... Can somebody pls tell me how I can change my profile picture? 😬🙏

I love 💕 blurt platform

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@sabion its a great effort sir. you are on the 2nd position. hope you will get your destination.
because you deserve it. just go for it sir.

it is very enjoyably and useful for many person. so i think it is very good update for us. and i hope you give us more good thing by update this site. Thank you mr. @saboin

Thank you so much for updating your post.

I am very surprised to see your income. Inshallah i will make such income and youwill be by my side.

oh wow... and you're a top2 witness here these day... I had no idea!!!

I've been in the top 3 for quite a while now. I was at #1, then dropped to #3, then back to #2.

I think it's because of the dev work I do. I brought Blurt back from the dead last year (the frontend and associated services, the chain never stopped).

I haven't used Actifit in quite some time. I was thinking of starting again after they added Blurt integration.

It's nice to see you around here. It's been quite a while since we last spoke.

It's been a while indeed... and oh a lot has been happening hasn't it... the screenplay for this decade sure packs a punch!!

I remeber how you weren't too confident in your dev skills back then but kept at it regardless... now here we are... KUDOS!

My life is seriously lacking free time and passion lately... some actifit postings are the pinacle of my creativity and aside of mainting the bunny and kitten bots I haven't done much in the last two years...

The blurt integration in actifit seems somewhat spotty, yesterday's report didn't go through... but today it did... so yeah... I am here now!

hi i saw it and i want ask you if i can be a moderator or what are the requirements for that?

This platform has come easy for us. Thanks to this Blurt team for that.🥰

In app browsing is game changing one. I think Hive and Steemit don't have in app browser till now.

Excellent your work, great for Blurt development.

Seeing this made me realize that Blurt have verse understanding to learn from, but I'm glad you created this content it will go a long way. Thanks

This post is great and very simple.

Hello @saboin
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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thank you for making it easy for us with great development

Oooh. This is a pretty nifty update. :) thanks for the hardwork.

This is an amazing job. It really appreciated. Weldone

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Great lately the blog blurt has improved features, hopefully growing. Thanks for the information for the success of @saboin

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Radioactively very good functionality to the wallet. 👍

Wow ...this is really amazing.
Thanks for this.
I have asked a lot of questions about this on discord.
Thanks for the hard work.
Blurt is moving forward

Very useful. Thank you for these developments.

This is very cool. Great development!


This is a great feature. Thank you so much.

Many of thing we attempt. We will make it more advance many of steemians and hivers are coming here
Sabion the super dev.

Hello My friend @saboin I already upvoted you as witness. 😊😊

And heres the proof:


Very good update sir.thank you very much

thank you for doing this update @saboin and @jga i have seen in the delegate notification this is very interesting

Finally there is an update. Success bro.

Everyone likes this including me who always wants change getting better every day from BLURT, this is perfect information from @saboin thank you very much.

This is perfect,good work @saboin hope blurt will be the best

Excelente poder ver todo lo referente a las delegaciones está muy bien, cada mejora que se esté haciendo en la plataforma realmente es grandioso y esto es una actualización muy importante.

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Very nice, thank you, Blurt is improving every day, I wish Blurt more improvement

Welcome to your blurt blog after a month.Your blurt bolg was missing a lot. This new update of yours will greatly benefit the blurt user. And we were waiting for this.

Thanks for this great info. Of course every improvement will be very useful for users. Good health to you and the Blurt team.

Great improvement
Everyday blurt come with new features

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You have added an excellent feature. I love you working hard developers so much because you're doing really well and making our platform more useful and adoptable. Thanks a lot sir for this update!

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Woww... This is a good one @saboin

I have been looking forward to it and now it's added to the wallet section. This is a good development.

Outstanding! Every improvement helps our community.

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