Condenser and Wallet Updates | Dev Update 2021-10-11

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Here's an update on what we've been working on in the past few days and what has been added or fixed on both Condenser and the wallet app.

Condenser frontend on has been updated. I'm still having trouble building the app for, but I will still describe what has been updated and you will see those updates as soon as I'm able to push the new version of the wallet to production.

Updated Side Panels

The side panel module has been updated on both Condenser and the wallet. The wallet's side panel was still outdated and had some broken links. I have updated them so they are both the same.

I also added Robinia Swap in the exchanges section.

Side Panel Screen Shot
Robinia Swap added to side panel module.

Increased BLURT Price Precision in Wallet

I have increased the precision of the BLURT price to eight decimals in the wallet app. This will make the estimated account value more accurate.

BLURT Price Screen Shot
Precision of BLURT price increased to eight decimal places.

Added BLURT Price to Condenser's Sidebar

I have also reformatted the sidebar module that shows the current fees to make it more pleasing to the eye and easier to read, and I added the BLURT price in USD to it.

Screen Shot of Sidebar Stats
Sidebar stats module has been reformatted and BLURT price added.

Payout Options

The payout options have been updated to reflect the changes that were introduced during hardfork 6.

You can now choose from the following options:

  • 25% BLURT / 75% Blurt Power (default)
  • 100% Power Up
  • Decline Payout

These can be set separately for comments and blog posts.

Screen Shot of Payout Options

Please take note that currently, the option for 100% power up does not work if you are logged in with WhaleVault. We need to get them updated libraries so they can update the WhaleVault extension.

For now, you will have to use the default 25/75 payout option if you are using WhaleVault. We will work on getting this fixed ASAP.

Default Comment Sorting Option

If you're like me, you were probably annoyed about the comment section being sorted by trending and watching comments jump up when you voted on them.

A new option has been added to the settings page where you can choose in which order you prefer having the comments sorted.

My personal preference is to sort by age. That way the newer comments are on top and the older ones are below.

This is now the default behaviour, but you can change it to whichever way you prefer with this new setting, and it's still possible to change it for just one comment section if you desire. That setting is still there.

Screen Shot of Comment Sort Order Setting

Tekraze's Contributions

These last two fixes/enhancements (the payout options and the comment sort order) have been brought to you by @tekraze. He has written his own posts regarding these updates.

You can go see these two posts here, and here.

Feel free to go look at these two posts and support him with your upvotes.

@tekraze has been a big help these past few weeks and it's really nice to have an actual dev on the team.

I have set him as 40% beneficiary on this post as a way of thanking him for his help.

FAQ Page

The FAQ page is currently being worked on. It needs updating. We have someone editing it and updating it for the current state of Blurt.

Thank you to @ond for bringing it to our attention.

That's All, Folks

There are more things that were done, but they are more of interest to the people actually working on the code. If you are curious to see what those are, you can always look at the commit history on GitLab.

That's all I have for this update.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great one!

Vote for my witness!

I run a witness node on the Blurt blockchain and I would really appreciate your witness vote.

You can vote for my witness by going here.

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If we could mint Nfts on blurt I think this would be a game changer

That is something that is being talked about by the core team. I don't have any date or information more than that, but I know it's being talked about.

Good to hear 🤝 we definitely need a game built on blurt to this will definitely help a lot to

I just wanted to say keep up the great work I really believe in blurt

extremely high quality work my friend.

thank you.

It's reassuring to see new stuff coming from devs. Thanks a lot for al the work you put. It's nice to see some exchanges added too :)

I won't be selling for a long time though :)

Thanks, yeah saving for future is all one should do

That is wonderful! we are so happy and proud to have you here.

You and @Tekraze are doing really great work. I feel optimistic about Blurt now. Many of these issues were here for a long time and now it feels good.

Thank you so much for making Blurt better!

Thanks 😊👍

Hi, @saboin,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

Please consider voting for the witness @symbionts.
Or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn a portion of the curation rewards!

We are very happy to have you here!
Thank you!

Thank you for this great work!

Great work @saboin. I had wanted to call attention to the FAQ page in a new post as there's a part of it I noticed that needed total overhauling. I'm happy that it's being worked on, and thankful for all you and @tekraze is doing.

I'm more of a front-end developer and I wish I could learn what you guys do so I can better lend a helping hand.

You can check the GitLab repo and look at the issues. If you see anything that is within your area of expertise, don't hesitate to pitch in.

If you know REACT, that would be great. Other than that, we can always use some help with CSS stuff.

@tekraze is a full-stack developer.

I'm not a developer IRL, I just play one on Blurt.

Hahaha lol @saboin you are more than a dev.

@curtwriter I just started small, you can do work on ui by running app from blurt/ui folder
There is a foundation sites used within the app from Steem, that could also be worked on upgrading.

Join discord for more communication.
I will be staying around for more time here, so it will be good to work with more Dev's

May I ask, how can we know the lists of those who delegated to us? Thank you for the answer.

There is no method on Blurt nodes that return incoming delegations. I can ask for it to be added during the next hardfork, then we can add it to the frontend.

I might try to write an independent API for that in the meantime.

That’s something that I’ve been wanting to add to Blurt nodes for a while. I actually asked for that on Steem way back when, too.

That is a nice feature to build. Tomoyans tool shows delegate to him, maybe same way we can know delegates for other people.

I have opened and issue on GitLab to have this added to Blurt RPC nodes. It doesn't require a hardfork, so it should be easy enough to add. The database already keeps track of delegations. There is a method for getting outgoing delegations and expiring delegations, but no method for getting incoming delegations.

The same problem exists on Steem and Hive. Anyone that shows incoming delegations on their site, it's because they use their own solution for it.

Well that could work, I will examine the code and see if i can add.

Do you do C++?

Ohh that thing, no . But I was thinking if tomoyan added, I may add same through api

You would have to build a program that streams the blockchain for vesting_delegation operations, then put them in a database. Then build an API that will return delegations by incoming and outgoing.

It should be easy enough to do.

If I did it, I would do something similar to how I did the price info API.

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Right from very first day I joined this platform I knew it aiming for greater height, kudos to you for the hardwork and dedication.

Amazing updates, the sky is our limit...

go....go....go.....blurt ♥️♥️

Thanks for sharing @saboin its nice to see the community is happy.

I am really thankful to you and tekraze because so many things are fixed and i am happy that we can not select between 25/75 and 100% power up.
thank you for all your hardwork.

I am happy to know.

Nice improvements @saboin.

I love the comments sorting feature as I like to sort them by age normally but having the choice to do it by all the other options is awesome too.

However all those updates are clearly a step forward for us to get a better experience with the platform.

Thanks for your hard work, keep it up!


This is a really encouraging update, so many cool things I feel like a kid in a candy store!

Hehe thanks, that is great.

I'm happy for what the development team has done. There are progress improvements and others in Blurt. This indicates that Blurt is constantly trying to be even better.

Yes, thanks blurt is getting better everyday

Thanks, Great Job