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Delegation Removal ~ Top20 Witness Voting

in blurtdevelopment •  6 months ago 

If for example everyone gets a bigger stake that means that upvu also gets a bigger delegation and nothing changes. ppl delegating to upvu just want to squeeze the money out of the blockchain at least the big stakeholders. Watching upvu on steem is kind of a possible future for upvu on blurt and that vision is veeeery bad for us. Easy money attracts bigger stakes. If there is no way of stopping it then other big stakeholders who fought against it will surrender and use it too. The bigger upvu gets the harder it is to be stopped. Give it a bit more time and the account can vote for more than 2000blurt.

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Hi, I believe we have slowed it down, we have blocked delegations to it at wallet level, which acts as user education. I had a brief idea, what if it was possible for witnesses to target a specific account with high fees for specific actions, like if the account votes for stolen and PLG content often we tax their voting more, increase the fees many times higher so they are burning more blurt and not worth it to curate such content, almost like a sin tax, just not sure how easy that is to implement. Maybe it shouldn't be witnesses, maybe it should be a set of sentries/admin that post a custom json and if 66% of them agree via custom json attestation then the fees increase will come into effect, maybe with a 30 day cooldown reducing back to normal.