News is not 'news' these days it's entertainment

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I never buy snoozepapers these days, don't watch the tellybox either. I scroll thru the msn news that my browser still gives me as a starter page for fun really. I tend to pick up on things that peek my interest tho just to see what they are feeding the masses.

The last few days I've spotted a number of dodgy 'new normal' medical news pieces which all seem to have the same agenda - namely adverts for pharma crap they want to offload or promote.

First an article about 'long covid'. This new made-up disease is very much like the old AIDS story. Meaning they can call just about any regular symptoms AIDS using a bogus 'test'.

I wonder what those 'baffled scientists' have found out? Nothing actually -


So it's something the 'vaccinated' suffer from (well really, that's a surprise, not) and with their pcr tests which they now love so much they find bits of rna and dna in the digestive system??? Yeh the stuff that's supposedly in every cell of everything but it's ok their maths and computer programs have allegedly worked out which bits come from what. (No they haven't).

But coming to the point, and I assure you there is always a point, what is their magical cure for this? The one they are trying to plug for more big bucks? The old 'anti-viral' medicaments of course. yeh the ones they invented to cure the other made up disease - AIDS - and now it seems is the new cure-all. Move over antibiotics your time is up.


The next 'big news' that keeps popping up and I can't ignore any longer because guess WHO has their eye on it too. Yes the WHO. Desperately scouting about for the next plandemic so they can wield their new 'pandemic treaty' muscles?


MONKEY POX. I kid you not.


Oh look more of those 'baffled scientists'. ^^

YOU BET they are hoping the cases rise. $$$$$$
Don't panic tho (yet) it's not a serious disease at least it's not if you leave it alone. Just like any 'pox' disease it is a skin poisoning or detox. A nice oat bath will do it and get away from whatever pollutants caused your skin to erupt in the first place.

I'm sure they will make a mountain out of a molehill again tho if we let them. How will they justify bringing in more 'refugees' from Africa (like the Rwandan story) or are they deliberately using that as a scapegoat and to fuel more fear of 'foreigners' or to give the EDL another poke?

O'RILLY?? Syphilis you say? But that's a sexually transmitted disease innit?? Like AIDS..

Oh ok then, they wanna stop us touching each other again huh? I bet sales in condoms have slumped over the last 3 years too. bet they could do with a cash injection.
Wait what do they mean by "sex with men who have attended sexual health services." Men with syphilis or HIV?? Hmm they're hedging their bets here aren't they.

Also don't panic because I'm sure theres another magical agenda oops I mean cure up their sleeve. What is it then?

Oh phew, well that's alright then, just foist the most dangerous vaccine ever made on the pesky health workers and gay boys that oughta stop it dead in it's tracks huh.

I'm betting those smallpox vaccines have been sitting on a shelf ever since they forced it on soldiers making them all sick and dead and the sellby date is looming. Quick make up some bullshit pox story and get them out of here.

You just can't make this stuff up.
EDIT - Hold your horses but it seems they did a practise run of a monkeypox pandemic in May 2021!!! Well what a coincidence, just like the practise run for covid in 2019.

On a lighter note a few people fainted in Sainsbury's and they didn't actually call it a super fast contagious disease for once. maybe that was just a bridge too far -

I wonder if it had anything to do with spraying all that toxic crap everywhere since 'covid'.?

Lastly while ALL this is going on, some vaccine manufacturing labs' rep just got flushed down the toilet but no worries, its all over now. Maybe they forgot to post off the brown envelopes, anyway I'm sure they'll bounce back like they always do. This video explains it in hilarious Russell Brand style. It made me chuckle anyway -

Stay well, keep away from doctors and only take a pill if it's a red one ;-)

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It's funny, people don't die as easily as perhaps commonly thought. They survive all kinds of things and adversities, there is no denying, on any front, that mass deaths would be visible in any way. The fact that nobody "dies like flies" somehow annoys everyone who would like to see that for this or that reason. Crazy world.

No idea how long the disease thing will drag on. I'm building my hope on the fact that even the last fearful person will eventually get fed up with it and a fear-fatigue will take hold and become ignorance. Similar to the desire and urge for sex in young people, which is stronger than any warning of danger. We didn't let the AIDS campaign drive us crazy back then. The will to live, the joy of celebration and music, dance and play should not be underestimated, I think.

My hope also but sadly it seems everyone is turning into germaphobes from the constant onslaught. Maybe overkill could do it but I'm not seeing it.

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Some more overkill seems to be needed.

I'm sure we're getting it, yup

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Every second normie in nz thinks they have long covid...just wait till the monkeypox scam goes fakebook!

Stupidity is deeply dangerous - I wish it was only dangerous to the stupid - sadly it affects us all.

Yup, interesting times. Even I've been having to escape to the bread and circus. I've got right into the Johnnie and Amber show. At least it's not about covid.

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When they ask us if our supplements will help with long covid we really don't know what to say!

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Round two😫, I hope more people are aware this time and don't take the vaccine.

I very much doubt it.
And this time, it will be mandatory.

There are things we do not see and cannot estimate. How "the masses" will respond is impossible to make visible. No matter how many statistics or other "facts" are shown. I bet on the fatigue of living in a world, where fear dominates our lives. I mean, peoples urges for celebrating, sex, gathering etc. is huge. In my environment, there is no clear positioning. The former yes-sayers to the measurements switch sides and also vice versa. But... sigh, it's just tiresome.

Not sure if they'll go for this one yet. I think they're testing the waters. It's all about what the masses will 'buy'. Hope they don't buy any of it. It's all utter bullshit.

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