Blurtchef: Did you know it's national hoagie day today?

in blurtchef •  8 days ago 

Hoagie???? What's that?

You know a big long sandwich like a submarine or hero sandwich.

There are so many variations and styles out their for the food junkie.

What about a jerked chicken hoagie? I had no idea these existed and I know they're packed with flavor.


Look at this submarine sandwich. This is a thing of beauty and I think you can sink ships made out of hunger with this one. Yummy


How about one last sandwich to make you really hungry?

A zucchini grinder for those vegetarians or vegans here on blurt.


Sorry I had to add one last thing, Po' Boy. This is for the seafood lover that can't get enough of that delicious breaded shrimp. This has some of that great Cajun seasoning and you'll feel like you're down home on the bayou.


Have fun on a this great hoagie day and I hope I didn't make you too hungry.

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Yes. We love hoagies too.

Hi there blurtblot. I always wondered what robots liked to eat and now I do

Wow, you are posting everyday.

What was Andrei the Giant's favorite sandwich?


I wonder how many the Hulkster could eat? I think a couple are stuffed in his biceps by the looks of things

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

Eventually all the greatest Bloggers in the World will be posting on every day… some will post many many times a day. Especially when Blurt hits $10 …. #blurtlove


I think you're on to something here but your figures may be a bit modest based on what I've seen lately. Blurt to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

I'm ready @blurtlove

Me too. Let’s go,

Wonderful. Now I’m hungry.

I'll send you over a sandwich made with love as I know it must be tiring visiting all these great people on blurt and showing your appreciation. I hope you have a splendid day

Awesome. A little bit of #blurtlove never hurt anyone …. I hope it helps.