Recipe for fried red spinach with potatoes

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Here is a delicious frying recipe for you. Here is a recipe for fried red spinach with potatoes. Then take a look at the recipe of red spinach fry with potatoes.




Chopped red spinach: 500 gms
(Small) Potato chopped: 1
Garlic powder: 1 tablespoon
Mustard oil: 3 tablespoons
Dried chillies: 4-5
Yellow: 1 pinch
The amount of water and salt



Potatoes should be half boiled with a little turmeric and salt.

Now spread the vegetables inside the potato and cover it with salt on top and cook for a while.

If necessary, water should be given.

When it is boiled, heat oil in another pot and fry the dried chillies in it.

Now fry the garlic and fry the cooked vegetables, lower it and serve with fried chillies.

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