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Hey guys
Mufasa here

How are you guys I hope you all are fine and doing great things too.

Although daily contests keep coming on Blurt, But this time the contest in which I have participated is a bit different. First of all, I would like to thank @blurtchallenge who has organized this contest. This contest is related to MY FAVOURITE DANCE and here is my post.

the above mention video is the Bhangra Dance video

Bhangra Dance is a celebration whether it is a wedding ceremony or any festival such as the harvest, births, or weddings. Dance is a social interaction tool that promoted a form of cooperation that was essential for survival. In today's era, many traditions and styles of dance have been invented by us. And out of all these traditions, one is Bhangra Folk Tradition. Out of all these traditions, one is the Bhangra dance.


Bhangra dance was seen for the first time in the Punjab state of India and it is also called the folk dance of Punjab. Before British Rule in India, Punjab was a country at that time and it was also an independent country but in 1849 it was a part of India.


The Bhangra dance shows the reflection of Punjabi culture. this dance culture has a strong connection with Agriculture life. It was originally the dance of Punjabi villagers and Punjabi farmers. After the harvesting of wheat in the Vaisakhi season ( Vaisakhi is a festival that is celebrated traditionally in the Northern states of India ), peoples attend the festivals and dance to Bhangra.

After harvesting and working on so many wheats, when everything is completed, the farmers do the bhangra in this joy because they have completed the harvesting of Wheat. This dance was developed keeping in view the hard life of the farmer so that it can bring strength and joy to all of them. And now in this era, these people dance to Bhangra for Physical exercise and high-level workout because it takes a lot of energy to do that.

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I love Indian movies and I truly love this dance. Well-done

Thanks alot