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What are your passions in life? Let's drop the part where we talk about relationships with another person, be it your partner or family. Because that makes it kind of logical for the vast majority of people. So, let's talk about the other passions.

For example, I was here at the computer getting ready to write my main post for the day when I remembered that I needed to do this right before the F1 Sprint race. Formula One which is one of my passions.

Almost few things in my life I consider "sacred" and that I prepare myself, schedule myself and try not to miss out on anything. F1 is like that, and it's been a few years!

It's true that I was assigned to learn how to watch F1 during Senna's time, where many Brazilians watched the races and became the true passion for the sport, at a time when our Brazilian team hadn't earned anything since Pelé's time. small, he was 5 years old when Senna died in that accident. Of course I didn't understand anything, but I have memories of seeing my parents and family running and talking a lot about Senna. After his death, my family stopped and I obviously only went back to follow in 2002 and since then I have watched every race possible during every season.

I still haven't been able to go watch a Grand Prix here in Brazil, which is even this weekend's race... In fact, last year, at the beginning of the year I had determined that I would watch the 2020 race, and I was preparing myself for that... But the pandemic came, broke me and this year I didn't even expect that there would be a race with the presence of the public... Well, even if I knew this time I wouldn't even have the money to go, since I'm about 500km away and our gasoline is super expensive! Anyway...

The day that BLURT values ​​a lot and I become a person with "a lot of money", one of my dreams is to take a whole year off to travel watching all the F1 races around the world. Traveling is another passion of mine, and being able to do that and still watching the races... It would be my pinnacle of personal accomplishment over anything else xD

Is that you? What's your passion?

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