Blurt Blog: What strengthens me

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The world turns, and nowadays I only speak once. I wanted to listen, will listen, otherwise I don't keep talking or paying attention. It's no use trying to help those who are willing to not want to be helped. So let him bury himself.

And it's wrong to think that these types of things only happen with friends, acquaintances... Because sometimes it happens at your side all day and you don't see inside your family or even the very person you sleep next to. But as you are blind in "silly love" you end up not seeing and ignoring and you don't know why you suffer in life and live sad xD (I've talked about this several times, so I won't explain this point of view here now).

Anyway, that's why I say you shouldn't be affected and sad when someone hasn't done what you expected them to do, for all you've done. Or people you considered highly doubting your ability and not supporting you. My friend, that's life, and fighting alone is sometimes better than in company. It is clear that when the company is right, with vision and both are correctly tuned in, pushing each other forward and regardless of the area and different tastes they may have, it will always be better and faster. And this I talk about any type of company, not as a couple, but also at work, in sports, etc.

Go on your way, and you can't go with someone or think you need to "unload" the dead weight that lives in you, do it and go alone!

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