My Daily Actifit Report Card: July 28 2021

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Hello my loving actifiter community,

Here is my today's activity report prepared by actifit android app.

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Anyone with 2.500 BRO can run a masternode to get some rewards. Masternode owners get 0.5 BRO per Block.



Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking will get 0.5 BRO per Block.


Share your personal ref code with your friends. When a friend registers and listens to, you receive activity points.
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Download the Actifit mobile app: from Google Play or AppStore
Go for a jog, walk your dog, mow your lawn, go to the gym, move around your office,... with an aim to reach a minimum of 5,000 activity count.
Post via app to the Steem blockchain, and get rewarded!
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