Disappearing Tribes : Charcoal And Acrylic Painting Of A Cherokee Native (Steps Included)

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Hello Friends. Today, I started a new project which entails portraitd of disappearing tribes all over the world. In recent times, many ancie nt and native tribes have been struggling to thrive and many have been endangered as theib settlements are being taken over by the government and their families assaulted and sometimes killed when they try to claim these settlements. This project is dedicated to all the beautiful tribes to have ever evolved on Earth.

I would be making portraits of several tribes from all around the world using charcoal and acrylic paint like I did in this portrait. This is my first painting in this project and I made a painting of a Native American ( the Cherokee Tribe). The are oneof the most endangered tribes I've read of in recent times and I felt the need to start with a colorful painting.

The model has her face painted and her neck beautified with teeth and tusks. Her hair is also beautified with feathers as she wears a fur with decorated with some small animals. I reall didn't think I could pull this off without patience and I really adore this painting. It took about 6 hours to complete and is one of my favorite so far.
Here are some of the steps



I felt this was a disaster at this point




Thank you for reading. Please Stick around for more portraits in my Dissapearing Tribes Project.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

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