Watercolor Painting: Woman

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I've always wanted to try watercolor painting, and I should thank the pandemic for giving me time to learn the basics and to practice more. I had to watch different youtube tutorials since this is new to me. Okay, not that new like it's so foreign. I may have tried painting before, but I was not religiously into it. But now, I was determined to pursue this. So I bought watercolor and paintbrushes for me to practice. I ordered the cheaper ones since I'm still a newbie.

Also, I'm not good at blending colors. Believe it or not; I'm not really good at it. The struggle worsens when because of the water. It's really hard for me to control the water, especially when the paper I used at first was the paper intended for my dip pen calligraphy. Luckily, my classmate who was also into painting gave me a watercolor paper. I was so happy that finally, my paper will not be crumpled every time I use the wet-wet technique.

At this time, I only have big brushes. I didn't have a brush with tiny hairs, so I was having a hard time with the eyes, especially the lashes and eyebrows. My goodness! My mortal enemy, I must say.

For my reference, I used some of the photos that I took that I find simple to paint, and my friends' pictures, too. But it was a piece of fake news! It was not simple. I was having a hard time blending the colors. As I've said, I'm not good at it.

Even though I keep on saying I'm not good at it, every time I see the output, I can say it's not that bad after all. With that, let me share with you some of my watercolor paintings.


I didn't have a reference for this one. I just imagine a Filipina with her morena skin and curly hair.


Can you guess who's this woman? Hehe I bet you can't. It's actually Auntie @olivia08. I drew her on a scratch paper and it really looks like here. But when I tried to redraw and paint her, it doesn't look like her already. Hehe


I tried to paint my beautiful friend, Hazel, whom I call Drop Dead Gorgeous. I wanted to give it on her birthday but I screwed her lashes. Facepalm.


The last one is my ever beautiful best friend, Ianna. She's the prettiest that when Deeday (@deeday31 on Steemit) and I are with her, we look like an assistant of a celebrity. Let's just say, she looks like Solenn. I wasn't able to estimate well that I had to reduce her forehead. Hehe.

As you have noticed, I failed miserably with the lashes and nose. I still haven't worked out how to make these two look pleasingly acceptable. Still, I'm happy and proud I was able to paint using watercolor.

I guess that would be all guys.

Keep safe always!


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Beliba gyud nako nimu mate ba, bisag asa dad-on.

Heheh salamat mate! :D

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