Join the #blurtart #colorchallenge

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Are you a Blurt Artist ?

Looking for ideas on what to paint each day ?

Join the #blurtart #colorchallenge

  1. Post an original painting with the daily Color theme to with #blurtart and the blurt logo included on your work to receive an upvote from @blurtart

These are the Color themes for each day of the week…. (#roygbiv)

Monday - Red
Tuesday - Orange
Wednesday - Yellow
Thursday - Green
Friday - Blue
Saturday - Indigo
Sunday - Violet


If you only do photography, you can do the same with #blurtphoto tag and blurtlogo …

These are some logos you can use …



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Hello @blurtart
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Thank you very much

You're Welcome

Hi blurtart. I plan to focus on the arts of crafts. With the information above, it makes it easier for me to determine the color. Thank you.

Great idea. I will try some.

Competing in seven colors in seven days is a awesome challenge. Participating in this color challenge is really fun. Thank you...!!!