$MATIC not giving anything back

in blurtafrica •  last month 


With a healthy correction taking place throughout the market it's been tough to find coins in the green. It's about checking to see which hold up the best compared to the rest. That way when we start our next leg up, the coins that held have an inside position if you will. Now it doesn't always work out that way, but it often does with the mids and majors. Sometimes a coin can hold up well compared to others and then when the pump starts to happen across the board the bottom can fall out on said coin. Nothing is sure proof in crypto, I think that goes without being stated. $MATIC has held up well over the last few days, chart showing it's at the bottom of the range holding strong. These macro charts sure leave a lot to be imagined as far as high price can go. Would love to see MATIC around 5.00 sooner rather than later. Over the last week it's made a low of 1.21 and a high of 1.50, it's currently moving for around 1.40 on most exchanges. L24 it's hit a low of 1.30. Got a bag?

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