$KNC rekt looking chart

in blurtafrica •  last month 


$KNC chart looks pretty gross if you ask me but that's okay because I've been holding a bag for a long time now which is way up. But had a few buys over the last 6 months that are currently underwater and that doesn't sit right with me. Kyber used to be much higher on coin market cap, I remember checking a few months ago and was surprised by it's ranking. Regardless I scaled in a little bit and that didn't end up being a winning play, although anything I would scaled into at the time would have been for a loss if it wasn't something like $SOL or $ATOM. A lot of these coins gave all their profits back and some on this current dump, which doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Over the last week or so KNC has made a low of 1.45 and a high of 2.00, it's currently moving for around 1.54 on most exchanges. Over the last 24 hours it's made a low of 1.45. Might have to cut bait on the ones underwater, to be continued.

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