$EOS holding up pretty well

in blurtafrica •  29 days ago 


$EOS breaking out while pretty much the entire market is down. Unusual to see EOS pump to say the least, even when we have massive rallies it almost seems to lag behind. I remember when they were talking about launching a social media platform, ugh that sure was a bust. Owned some EOS around that time and held all the way down, ended up capitulating around the bottom and moved into other projects that I could earn with. Over the last week or so EOS has made a low of 4.79 and a high of 5.51, it's currently moving for around 5.41 so just a touch off it's short term high. Over the last 24 hours it's made a low of 4.93. Although it's pumping today I'm not too confident it keeps it up, usually when EOS moves around that's a sign we're dumping. Lags are the last pumps before we cool off? Hopefully I'm wrong and we get a Friday night pump.

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