$ATOM up over the 40.00 mark

in blurtafrica •  27 days ago 


$ATOM sure has been pretty special lately, it's like every time I look at my Blockfolio I see it pumping a casual 20%. Doesn't hurt to be staking it either earning free $OSMO each day and then selling that for ATOM. OSMO price has more than doubled since I've entered the pool. Seamless transactions within the Keplr chrome extension. Pool I'm in earning something like 220% right now, pretty stoked about it, easy money. Check this out, over the last week or so ATOM has made a low of 26.91 and a high of 41.64, it's currently moving for around 40.21 on most exchanges. Over the last 24 hours it's made a low of 33.77 so quite a bit off it's short term low. Every time I look it seems to be pumping. It's been stair-stepping and retesting each step. Bullish.

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