$ADA it was all good just a week ago

in blurtafrica •  last month 


With the entire market getting rekt not much to really talk about on days like this. We can act like we're paying attention to which coins hold up better than others but sometimes it's better to not even look at price at all. From looking at a bunch of charts it looks like we have to bleed out deeper before things get better. This chart here shows how $ADA still has a way to go before we see a proper correction. People say it's off the back of all this China news, what's new. China FUD left and right it seems to never stop even when we think we're in the clear. Tether is a mess. Fun times. ADA has been getting rekt ever since it made it's ATH around 3.00. Over the last week or so it's made a low of 1.98 and a high of 2.58, it's currently trading for around 2.10 on most exchanges. Quite a ways off that three dollar mark we saw a few weeks ago. It was all good just a week ago.

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