You should NEVER miss an opportunity on some free crypto

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Hello HODLers,

I logged in to my Coinbase account and saw that I had another quizz to fill for 3$ in $ANKR.


Well, you might think what is 3$? It is basically worth nothing. I would agree with you if we were not in the crypto world. So many times I have missed on huge potential gains because I thought it was not worth it.

To take an example that everyone will understand now: I used to be a Top 100-150 players in Splinterlands and therefore have good rewards every season and even a good amoount of DEC earned per battle.

I rarely played to maximize both of these. The amount of miss opportunity money. I estimate that this amount would be worth more than ten thousands USD today.

This applies to $CHZ that I was collecting for free on their app where it was worth a few cents. Or SoRare cards, etc... The list goes on and on.

You just never know what will happen next

The goal is not to rewrite history or to cry about a potential profit; my point is that you NEVER know how much this free tokens, airdrop, etc... might be worth in the future.

So do not miss them when they are easy to get.

Answers to the $ANKR Coinbase quizz

  1. Integrations with traditional banks
  2. Send wire transfer
  3. Earning rewards with advance defi startegies

Stay safe out there and enjoy this free money.


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