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Wow, this is unbelievable. But very true. I am new here just from Hive. I followed you

WOW! Excellent power up. @jeenger
Could you help me about blurt?
how can baught blurt?
there have any upvoting bot or auto upvote system
or curation trail
I want to buy more blurt and curate some one

Thank you. I did not care about an Upvote-System or Curation-Trail until now. Do this manually at the moment. You can buy Blurt at

That's a really cool powerup!

Seems like you're aiming to be a self made Blurt whale?

Thank you! With one cent it is easier to invest! Let's see how far I get.

Wow! Super!

Good to see you here my friend 😊

Hab nochmal nachgelegt und werde bald die 200000 erreichen. Langsam wird es jedoch immer weniger, obwohl ich den selben Preis biete. Ich bleibe dran.

Wahnsinn, was für ein Sprung, Glückwunsch. Das wird noch bei mir Dauern, bis ich da hin komme XD.


Hornet on Tour

Habe vorgestern nochmal 32000 nachgelegt und weitere Trades laufen, die auch nochmal ca. 30000 Blurt bringen. Zur Zeit können wir alle gut wachsen. Gruß jeenger

Thats cool. Many congratulations to you. I can see you are already a giant in blurt😉

Thank you. Yes I also see that we all grow beautifully.

Congratulation to your Blurt Power. See you on top.


@Yehey, thank you, I still have a little BTC and trades running. I will gain some more. Cheers

And I hope you will vote me as one of your Witness.

I was sure I had chosen you. I looked and yes, I had voted for you already 😉

That complete my long week of works. Thank you for voting my Witness.

Good to know, let's keep blurt power up.

Cool. 👍👍👍

Danke dir. 😉

Welcome to this Blurt shopping party, I recently learned how to do it and I'm excited. Congratulations on your transaction and that you continue to grow.
Good vibes.

Thank you very much. The opportunity is great and it's fun to watch us all grow. Wish you good vibrations too.