Blurt Witness setup new instructions ( We are an open network again)

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These directions are written for Debian / Ubuntu and you should use Debian 10 Buster or Ubuntu 20.04.

Note: Please do not login to your server via your hosting provider's console, use SSH at all times.

# 1.1. Install dependencies and get your machine up to date:

apt update
apt upgrade -y
apt install -y software-properties-common gnupg vnstat ifstat iftop atop ufw fail2ban
curl -s | bash

# 1.2. Choke the network

sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw allow http
sudo ufw allow https
ufw allow 1776

 # 1.3. Set up the node 

docker run -d --net=host -v blurtd:/blurtd --name blurtd /usr/bin/blurtd --data-dir /blurtd --plugin "witness account_by_key account_by_key_api condenser_api database_api network_broadcast_api transaction_status transaction_status_api rc_api" --webserver-http-endpoint --webserver-ws-endpoint

# For Ubuntu 20.04 servers:

apt install systemd-timesyncd

# For Debian 10 servers:

systemctl start systemd-timesyncd

# 2.1. Check your blockchain sync results in Docker: It will take 3 to 4 hours.

docker logs blurtd -f

# To stop viewing logs, just press ctrl+c# 2.2. Enter the container, navigate to /blurtd and setup cli_wallet:# NB it is very important to run the cli wallet from /blurtd)

docker exec -it blurtd /bin/bash 
cd /blurtd  

# Enter the CLI wallet


# The first thing you should do is set a password, like:

set_password yourpassword

# Unlock Wallet

unlock yourpassword

# Generate Brain Key


# Copy down its entire output and keep it safely ( or are good password keepers. You'll be using this brain key to control # your Witness.# Import the generated Brain WIF Key

import_key Insert_brain_wif_priv_key_here

# Import your Blurt account's Active Key (Note: Pre 20 March 2020 Steem keys will also work)# Note: The key should start with a 5 as per the example key below:


# Add private brain key to config.ini to sign blocks as a Witness# Exit wallet via:


# Exit Docker


# Edit config.ini

nano /var/lib/docker/volumes/blurtd/_data/config.ini

# Navigate to these lines and edit them as follows, nb to remove the '#' prefix from the command lines# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )

witness = "blurtaccountname"

# WIF PRIVATE KEY to be used by one or more witnesses or miners

private-key = Insert_brain_wif_priv_key_here

# Press ctrl+o and then Enter to save, ctrl+x to exit.# Restart blurtd

docker restart blurtd

# Enter cli_wallet again and broadcast your witness

docker exec -it blurtd /bin/bash 
cd /blurtd  
unlock yourpassword
update_witness "blurtaccountname" "https://your-blog-url" "BRAIN_KEY_PUB_KEY_GOES_HERE" {"account_creation_fee":"100.000 BLURT","maximum_block_size":65536} true

# Updating Fees

update_witness_properties "blurtaccountname" {"key":"BRAIN_KEY_PUB_KEY_GOES_HERE", "account_creation_fee":"100.000 BLURT","maximum_block_size":65536,"account_subsidy_budget": 797, "account_subsidy_decay": 347321, "operation_flat_fee":"0.001 BLURT","bandwidth_kbytes_fee":"0.250 BLURT"} true

# Exit wallet via:


# Exit Docker


# Check to see if you are producing in a similar block range to other witnesses.----------------# 3. Check logs----------------# Check logs

docker logs blurtd -f

soon will appear your node on and you will able to produce blocks. 

Thank you


That's all 

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witness vote done

Posted from

how can i check, that i made all correct? Semmes so, but I can only see the top 100 wittnes on: and

  ·  5 months ago  ·   (edited)

yes, type your witness name and vote your self, more details join our official discord server

Which Discordserver?
I did an self vote, it worked.
Thank you for your help

  ·  5 months ago  ·  
  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Thanks for this detail, but still unsure of how much to set fees. I am just starting.

  ·  last year  ·  

Thanks for the effort, may Allah increase your skills.

  ·  last year  ·  

Thank you for this post @zahidsun! very clear and straight forward! well done!

  ·  last year  ·  

Thanks for documenting this for us @zahidsun!