Ten Ways Hive is Destroying Itself and Driving Investment Towards Blurt!

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1: Attacking Alternative Media Blogs

Alternative Media bloggers and their supporters are rapidly turning their back on platforms that censor them. The organized leaders on Hive censor and financially penalize via down-vote the same content that Youtube and Facebook are now famous for censoring.

This is driving traffic away from Hive and towards platforms like Blurt; where they are free of persecution from a centralized authority. Here is a quick example of how Hive is destroying itself in this way and moving investment elsewhere.


2: Attacking Bloggers for Cross Posting

Hive attacks bloggers for cross posting onto Steemit. Personally, I was warned about how they "feel" about this. I was then down-voted from their accounts on Steemit as well as on Hive. Many others have been down-voted for posting on Steemit too.

But this is how insane it all is. After the Hive fork I kept posting on both platforms but capped my Steemit holdings. I was selling everything I made on steemit and bought 10,000 Hive with it. It was also obvious on steemit that Hive was my preferred platform, encouraging others to post on Hive.

It is clear that Hive is not run like a business and their decisions are made based on emotions and how they "feel". On Blurt there is no such non-sense and people are encouraged to post wherever they want.

The current leadership on Blurt is made up mostly of successful business people and developers. This is another important reason Blurt is gaining interest of those looking for an alternative to Hive.


3: Self Up-Vote Etiquette Overrides Blockchain Economics

People are sometimes down-voted, critiqued, and criticized by the Hive central authority for up-voting their own content and comments. The economic structure of both blockchains allow you to up-vote yourself or anyone you want 100% of the time. However, Hive has embraced an unofficial rule, a form of etiquette, that up-voting yourself is wrong, makes you look bad, and puts you at risk of being their next down-vote target.

Blurt favors a free market system where you are free to do whatever you want with your powered up investment. This investment grants you about twenty full up-votes a day, at an amount proportionate to your investment. Nobody can take these votes away from you, and they are fully yours to do what you want with including up-vote yourself all day long. However I'm not recommending anyone do this.

Until that economic model is changed, that is the system. And the system works. Anyone striving for a decent reputation and ability to earn significantly more; up-voting yourself all day long is naturally not a good strategy.

Further more if you spend an hour making a post there is nothing wrong with paying yourself to do so out of your own investment non-the less. Hive on the other hand will chase hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment off the platform to protect their political correct up-vote etiquette. Again business common sense out the window.


4: Punishing Those Who Earn Too Much

The organized group holding combined 10s of millions of hive power are very much interested in counting other people's money. They are well known to down-vote post that they "feel" earn too much. So if you put years of work and effort into building up your blog, then one day they "feel" you earn too much, they can and will destroy your entire blog and everything you worked hard to build up.

This is total manipulation of the free market via "them" and "their" installed down vote button. On Blurt a vote is a vote. What you get is what you earn. Nobody on Blurt has the ability to cancel out received up-votes because they "feel" you are earning too much or for any other reason.


5: Freedom to Up-Vote Hindered

On Hive the use of your up-vote comes with a risk of it getting erased by one of "their" down-votes. Basically this is stealing your interest on your investment. It's totally limiting the potential and growth of the crypto currency.

On Blurt your up-vote can be used as a form of payment. Lets say you need to pay the baby sitter five dollars. They can make a blank post or even just a comment, and if you have a vote valued at five dollars or five one dollar votes; consider it payment made. The free market on Blurt reigns supreme. This kind of action would immediately raise a red flag on Hive.

You'd be put on a downvote blacklist and then have to wait a long 13 weeks to powerdown and get your investment back. That would be after getting publicly harassed and down-voted off the platform being called a scammer, milker, and farmer.

When the reality is all you did was buy, invest, power-up, and use the up-votes how you wanted to. All of these things are good for the price and the market cap. Again, Hive is clearly not run like a business, while Blurt has some very experienced and successful business people leading the way. This kind of thing literally can not happen on Blurt.


6: Attacking Popular Bloggers and Causing Resentment

The "leaders" at Hive have attacked and run off the platform many bloggers that were supported and enjoyed by the larger Hive community. Bearing witness to this disturbing abuse large numbers of accounts are now considering other options away from Hive. This includes powering down and converting their Hive into Blurt. While others plan to keep posting and earning on Hive with intent to sell.


7: Suspicious Activity

Hive is not helping itself in the reputation department. A central and original member of the "Hive Cabal" @meesterboom is a well known satanist that publishes odd satanic coded content. There is dark Satanic imagery pervasive through out the "leadership" on Hive. Then, lets not even get into the suspected meaning of !pizza and how it's likely being used by these people on the platform. Just wait until one of these guys gets arrested, talk about Hive's bad reputation getting much worse.

It's become more clear to many that regardless of the nitty gritty details, something is clearly not right on Hive. It's turning people away to places like Blurt where there is no element of suspicious activity and the leadership are normal transparent people.


8: Faceless Leadership

So many of the top twenty witnesses on Hive are rich anonymous keyboard warriors, working their down-vote button like a whip on the plantation. The masses don't even know who these people are, just a cartoon face most of the time.

This kind of faceless anonymous leadership weakens confidence for investors. Destroys accountability and overall trust. On Blurt the main investors and witnesses are public normal people you can easily build trust in.


9: Total Power Strangle Hold

The "Hive Cabal" has been in full power since the Steemit inception in 2016. Technically Hive is a "fork" from Steemit, but the reality is Hive is the original management and power players from steemit. It's the same original people who were all there at steemit's inception.

Now almost six years later, they remain in full control with @blocktrades and @gtg in the top two positions along with the usual names. With their mega HP and organized network, they maintain full unchallengeable control; locking themselves into the top witness positions.

Compare that to Blurt, where a couple of the top investors/ witnesses recently got into a disagreement and one sold his entire stake, diversifying all that blurt power into the hands of many at a discounted price. Talk about real decentralized power. Blurt is actually growing a powerful middle class with major influence, something Hive and Steemit prefer not to do.


10: Self Censorship

Many people on Hive self censor their speech in fear of getting negative attention and becoming a down-vote target. The speech, range of topics, diversity of posts, depth of engagement is all being stifled on Hive due to fear of down-vote. This is making hive a boring place where the content is either preaching the Hive gospel, or posting photos of puppy dogs and going up-vote for up-vote with as many others as you can.

Those who have already switched over to Blurt say they simply feel better and more free. It's a lighter energy with no fear of down-vote for your opinions. There is no pressure to conform to any group think and Blurt prides itself on being a freedom of speech platform.

More Rules - Less Freedom

In conclusion, I'd like to leave you with this simple reflection. Notice a trend with Hive of "more rules and less freedom". It's almost as if Hive was being run straight out of Washington DC! In fact, that's pretty close!

The origins of the Hive power structure came from the creators of Steemit in Virginia in 2016. Virginia borders Washington DC. Six years later the same people from the DC area remain in full control of the Hive Blockchain.

Maybe this is why Hive is run like a corrupt government instead of an efficient business; and maybe this is the best explanation of all to why Hive is destroying itself and driving investment towards Blurt!

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Wow. How did I miss you guys! I just checked out the awesome work you are doing, including signing up football players from Nigeria. Very cool! Keep up the great work and I'll make sure to use the tag and delegate 5000 Blurt to Blurt Connect!

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We have been devoted to recruitment from our first day on Blurt
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You are very welcome! Keep up the great work!

Thank you sir

Lovely post mate! You nailed it, as usual!! ;D Take a look at this... Is the markinator downvoting himself with a twink, or does god exist? ;D


They re playing defense so bad, now they dont even know what to do. I just had another private phone conversation with an investor leaving hive and steemit for blurt. Very few can speak publicy about this stuff with out some type of recourse....so they call me direct for private phone conversations!

Let me try to interpret that... They are advertising their "awesome" downvote button, showing everybody how useful it is? 😂

@lucylin on hive and now on blurt has been getting the same lovely treatment for pointing out the flaws in the system. And does so in a funny way.

I'm not funny , and any more slanderous remarks like this, and you'll be hearing from lawyer, good sir !

Well I have found their reaction helarious.

I motion for case dismissal on grounds of lack of jurisdiction.

I motion for case dismissal on grounds of lack of jurisdiction.

Clever...verrrrrry clever........oh, bugger....

....So now you'll now be hearing from my lawyers because you're cleverer than me !

So now you'll now be hearing from my lawyers because you're cleverer than me !

Looking forward to it xD I grow more deaf by the day and my music is always blaring so I don't know if I will ever get to "hear" them. Also there is a very long line who want me to listen so take a ticket number and wait in line behind the devil.

Next number is 4 of 272947483947383

Hive is turning into an absolute funny farm...

Hahaha. Something like that!

I admire the fact, that you continue to post on HIVE, even though the markinator is nuking every one of your posts... 👍🏽

I've been told again in private conversations by some very high up people in the know over there, that my post are "pushing the needle" again and again and again. That's all the motivation I need. I wear all their down-votes like a badge of honor! lol

Your posts are definitely causing a commotion!!!!! 👍😂

There is a constant abuse of discretion out of just having fun with it in that community perpetrated by the higher-ups and their minions and it is a hopeless situation for the ones that had taken the brutality of these said people. @world-travel-pro

I always make sense of what that old guy "Mr. Bang" is writing about, I can't understand what he is saying with his posts only to learn that it was a dark cryptic message about "Pdple" and Stnsm" yikes.

Great post - I accidentally saw it on Hive but am not doing comments there - you raked in the rewards on that one :)

Thank you buddy. Much appreciated. You see the one comment from @fracasgrimm on hive....totally spot on.

Clear and to the point. Loved it. I too am working on removing my investment from hive.

I realized that the majority of this "cabal" have not even made a few posts on hive unless they have different usernames. I don't really know and I don't really care. They have no real power here apart from the "stake" they make make here on blurt, which is in a sense an even playing field.

I have refused to be active on steemit (posting) for the same reasons. curruption of the higher ups. And when Hive came to be I thought it was going to be different. I was wrong.

I still have some favorites posting on hive but its like the facebook dilemma. The excuse to not to move completely because "i got fam and friends there thats why i am still on fb" never existed for me then. so why should anyone make that excuse?

Apart from the symbolism, why was hive made into a cube? The black cube of saturn. Why is there a similar project by the CIA named hive?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I thoroughly agree. And when you delve into their world of suspicious creepy symbolism it goes deep. In fact after all that I've revealed I was unaware of this.

"Apart from the symbolism, why was hive made into a cube? The black cube of saturn. Why is there a similar project by the CIA named hive?"

Totally fits the bill. When the research was coming in, the connections to dark satanic stuff was endless....Entire blogs full of creepy conversations and so on. Everything devil this and Satan that, and who's supporting the content and engaging with these peopel. @meesterboom highlighting he's a member of the "Hive cabal since 2014" on his profile... and the use of the word !pizza between some of them; you'd have to be either a total fool or completely ignorant to excuse all this as just a "coincidence."

lol I got punished for posting on steemit or something so stupid it's not like instagram punishes you for posting on fb and tik Tok it actually encourages cross posting by giving share buttons like d. tube does. It's the weirdest platform I've ever been on, no doubt about it.

lets all vote for blurt I am actually super impressed its come up at number 2

I also notice a few even rly pro hive/ anti blurt ppl have started coming to post here like steevec etc, I think deep down he wants to join the community, we can show no hard feelings here.

we can show no hard feelings here.

..that depends...lol

You've made a lot of points that I agree with and some that I disagree with.

10: Self Censorship

I don't try to censor myself on my general opinions, considering my content centers around political stuff (especially my video content) and other things. When people ask about tension on the chain regarding abusive votes, I don't tag the people who I believe are being abusive, especially if they are well above my Hive Power. If you mention it, most of these people will take it as a personal attack instead of constructive criticism. They will target you with downvotes.

Main Disagreement:

2: Attacking Bloggers for Cross Posting

Although it does happen, I tend to not get any concern with this. The problems tend to arise if you post content to tribes that are not about the subject you're posting about. Such as posting about your new dog in the LeoFinance community (as an example). To avoid this, I flood my tags with tribes that are for broad content, leaving the last few tags for specific communities (if my content applies to that community).

As for crossposting onto Steemit, the radical Hive fanatics do get upset, but I don't recall ever running into someone who started spam downvoting my content when I post to Steemit. ALL of my content is cross posted between Steemit, Blurt and Hive respectively. I've never found any real issues regarding that.

In general, all your points are fair and valid. Some of them can apply to Blurt as well, but I do believe Hive is SIGNIFICANTLY more aggressive than Blurt is.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to do so. I'm glad you have not experienced any problems cross posting from Hive. I hope you continue blogging here on Blurt and encourage others to do so as well. Thanks again! :)

At the time, publishing on both platforms, I jumped on a strange list that was not known if it was a blacklist or a list of some smart ones where we jumped all those who published on both warning of this. Then after some complaints they retracted but the support for the posts flew. Of that I give faith and like me many others.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

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Great report that you bring here. It is very true that many who come from Hive come for some of these reasons. Greetings...

Thank you so much for your support and leaving a nice comment! :)

Thank you for this great report... Many will come here to Blurt, because it is the best platform, where there are many benefits, quite the opposite in Hive...

HELL YES I AGREE with everyone of these points. You can be sure that in retaliation for these well presented and easily proven points, BLURT users will be treated like Steem users by those on Hive. I say pull out of HIVE and power up BLURT. LETS SHOW em that we don't need the drama by making blurt even better. I RESPECT THE HELL OUT OF THIS POST!

Thank you so much. I agree, that's why I recently bought all together over a half million Blurt and got rid of my Hive. Time for Blurt to get up off the floor. Spread the word!

Right behind ya.

Very well researched post, and very well expressed. You are a very articulate writer! My compliments! 💯 💪

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Loved it! 🥰

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Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 10.08.42 AM.png

It's almost as if Hive was being run straight out of Washington DC!

Or out of a CIA office maybe?

Well, the numero uno account on hive did start up their original software development business, a few miles from Langley...


I told you to never publish my angry face !!!!!

I have a strong suspicion that there is an office somewhere in the CIA building dedicated to Social Media - it does them all, firstly twatter and fakebook, but hive is a little side project too