Ten Reasons it's Better on Blurt!

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1: Freedom of Speech

Since Blurt has no down-vote button, you do not have to worry about being down-voted for your opinions. You do not have to self sensor. You do not have to side with a majority, a whale, or the platform's leadership in fear of becoming a down-vote target and run off the platform. With no down-vote button you and your voice can not be suppressed, controlled, or manipulated.


2: Highly Decentralized

Unlike Hive and Steemit, Blurt's power structure is extremely individualized amongst it's witnesses and investors. There is no central authority controlling others, there is no organized network at the top. Where this kind of power structure is pervasive on the other blockchains.


3: Huge Room For Growth

The ground work for Blurt has been laid and it is now ready for take off. There is room for mega growth, applications, and much more to be built onto the blurt blockchain. This is all without lots of headbutting competition or a central authority or down-vote button to shoot you down.

With the price sub five cents, many with a little investment money can propel themselves into a leadership position immediately; and use it as another force for growth as the price and your investment increase in value.


4: Freedom of Finance

Your up-vote is essentially part of your gained interest on your investment. Nobody on Blurt can down-vote you and cancel out your up-vote (your interest). Where on Hive and Steem it happens all the time. If you buy $10,000 of Blurt, you are entitled to cast up-votes however you'd like that comes from your share ($10,000) of the reward pool. Nobody can take that away from you or the recipient with down-votes.

If you want to pay the neighborhood kid for mowing your lawn in up-votes on a blank post, then that is your right to do so. If you want to support projects that will immediately sell the blurt to feed hungry children in Africa, it's your up-vote and at Blurt you have the freedom to do with it as you choose. If you want to up-vote yourself all day, it's your reputation and your decision. Freedom of the investor and what they do with their up-vote comes first on Blurt.


5: Access to Your Investment

Unlike Hive, Blurt was designed to put the average investor in control. Once you power up on Hive, you can not access the entirety of your investment for a whopping thirteen weeks! On Blurt you get 25% of your power down each week over a reasonable four weeks. Again Blurt puts it's users in the driver seat.


6: Blurt is Simple

Unlike Hive and Steem, blurt is not all built up. There is not a million places to click and get confused. There is virtually no learning curve for anyone familiar with hive and steemit. Blurt is not over crowded, yet has many strong and ever growing communities. Their are no spin off tokens. There is no HBD/SBD stable coin equivalent. It's a solid blockchain with good normal people using it, growing it, and maintaining it with committed witnesses. It's clean, simple, and easy to use. Those with a steemit account dating before July 2020 already have a Blurt account they can access with their steemit keys. There is no reason to choose between Blurt and another social media site, we encourage our users to earn rewards and use both.


7: International Use and Interest

There is a growing number of communities currently springing up from all over the world. From the US, Germany, Korea, Africa, and much more. Rapid growth can come from the expansion of interest and investment in any one of these places at any time.


8: Easy to Buy

Blurt is easily accessible on 4 exchanges with plans to be on more soon. Currently you can gain access to blurt on Ionomy, Probit Global, Pancake Swap, and Hive Engine.


9: Bully Preventative Design

With no down vote button on Blurt nobody can bully, harass, and financially attack you through down-votes for any reason.


10: Spam Preventative Design

Since it cost a tiny fraction of a blurt to post and comment, this applies a financial burden for those looking to churn out massive spam. While those who put out normal posts and comments, the first up-vote is usually far more than the tiny sum it cost to create the post or comment.

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Hey everybody! I just arrived here on BLURT with an introduction post: https://blurt.blog/introduceyouself/@outofthematrix/introduction-post

Looking forward to meeting new people!👍😍

Awesome! So glad the message got to you. Welcome aboard and make sure to have a good time. Some excellent people here and a whole lot of freedom to be yourself and say what you want. Enjoy Blurt!

Is there a tutorial on how to set up a node here and become witness???🙏

I think @randula or @kamranrkploy can help you with that. Something I may be interested in too.


is there a tutorial on installing the ubuntu witness node? thanks a lot!!!

Sry.. Busy with BPUD post.. You already got the answer from kamranrkploy. Feel free to ask any problems. And if you can join with discord channel and there is a channel called #witness-boot-camp. Any questions regarding setting up witness node will be answered there. It's the easiest way to get help from witnesses.

Thanks a lot mate! Will set up the node!🙏😍

This manual will help you set up a witness node. Make sure to rent a decent server for running your node.

Manual :

Thanks so much mate!!! 🙏

This apt and concise. Thanks for this post.

You're welcome and, thank you for the support.

Pleasure is all mine.

Thanks for the explanatory information, what I like the most is the simplicity and ease of use.

Sorry to be pedantic but is point 9 just a repeat of point 1? never mind it's worth repeating. Gonna spread this post on social media see if we can get more sign ups.

Excellent. Thank you for sharing the post. More sign-ups and investment is what Blurt needs most at this stage in the game.

After being Bullied by Hive for months. I see a pretty clear difference between being censored via down-vote for political posts vs being bullied and harassed off the platform. Let me show you an example. This is a headline from @ura-Soul as they attacked his free speech, sharing of information and views.

Now this is @crypto.Piotr with Project Hope. To me this is total bullying. They just down voted him and were nasty to him until he left and now he's on Steemit.

Hope this explains things a little better. Thank you for your support and keep spreading the word!

I left hive for exactly the same reason so know well what was going on there. I'm seeing more and more of my hive friends coming over here now too. It's about to take off.

I agree. Honestly, bringing people "they" attack over to blurt is almost like a liberation rescue mission. I mean it's incredibly nasty and hurtful stuff what "they" do to people over there. But the good news is a lot of others are watching ;) Keep spreading the word. #blurt #winning

karma's a biatch🥳

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Thank you guys! Really appreciate the support!

Simple and Clear.. This is the truth everyone should understand. When People know about blurt, I am sure they will choose Blurt than Steemit or Hive.

Thank you very much @randula. You're support is greatly appreciated :)

Russian bloggers and YouTubers are flooding to Blurt and Dtube after being censored by Putin.

Wow. That is great to hear. Free Speech for all here on Blurt.

Blurt is the last place on earth for uncensored Free Speech.

It's certainly is a bastion of Free Speech, that is for sure. Thank you for your support.


Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 10.06.03 AM.png

Right, looks like a great spot to buy.

you know what else I love that when I make a mistake like accidentally post a video twice cause I am in d tube people just ignore it :) and don't upvote it they don't punish me, attack me for rinsing the rewards pool etc lol they just accept it was a mistake and move on haha


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I agree with everything apart from easy to buy I think it's harder on smaller exchanges and lots of ppl can't get pancake swap at all me included haha but even people really into crypto I know have issues with it, ionomy seems better but lets be honest if ppl could go grab it on coinabse like doge even better for new ppl.

I've heard mostly positive experiences. Personally I've purchased blurt through probit and Ionomy and have not had a problem. Sign up was super easy. I have not tried pancake or hive engine. If it could get on Coin Base that sure would be something, but I'm certainly not holding my breath for that to happen any time soon. Thanks for stopping by like you do, and leaving a nice comment. Much appreciated.

You've spoken well
That's just the truth💯💯💯

excellent points

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Thank You!